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Monday, July 15, 2024

How To Track Workers’ Time Precisely & Save Money & Time

You might find the process of tracking employees’ hours inefficient and tedious. you can now use time tracking apps to keep track of your spending as well as hours of work updating the timesheet. As I was researching for better ways to track time, I found a list that I found particularly interesting.


Best 10 Timecard Apps


There are many tools out there but you might want to choose that integrates well with other project management tools that are you currently using.

Automatically Update the Time Tracker to Your Timesheet

When it comes to payday, you might be familiar with the process of transferring everyone’s hours on project timesheets to a master’s timesheet. There’s potential for manual errors and can, therefore, be time-consuming. However, using the right time tracker to track employee time can help simplify the process by automatically updating everyone employee’s hours into the master timesheet project-wise. You could also add estimates for how long you want your employee to spend on a particular task. If they are getting too close to the estimate or have exceeded the allotted time, you could set to receive notifications of the same. They are designed to eliminate any confusion or miscommunication between the employees and the employer.


Another useful feature of a time tracking app is the ability to export all the data onto an Excel sheet or accounting software such as Quickbooks. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Integrates easily with time tracking tools such as TSheets and it is also compatible with apps such as Microsoft Office 365 Business essentials which makes quickbooks as the most preferred accounting software. These integrations would help automate the process of billing clients and creating respective invoices.

Ensure your project hours do not exceed the budget

As previously noted, one of the biggest advantages of time tracker apps is that it simplifies budgeting. Most time tracker apps budgeting more manageable and can thereby help reduce the chances of losing money on projects. Most time tracker apps have a built-in calculator that can help you track realtime on how much you’ve spent on labor within a specific period. These hours can also be used to bill the clients accordingly too. These work great even if you are a small business owner who wants to ensure that the projects are being run within a specific budget. It can avoid any surprise charges too.


You will also be able to make sure that your employees are paid the right amount for the work they have offered. It can help you avoid any confusion or miscommunication which in turn can save many hours of manually preparing reports to rectify errors.

Allow Easy Access for Employees to Check-In

A good time tracker app will not only make your life easier but your employees too. If they are not fond of using the app, there is very little chance of the tool being correctly used and thereby managing the time accurately. Most apps used for tracking time are designed to help overcome the problem of physical timesheets getting lost, forgotten about or looked over. At the very least, time tracking apps would provide an option of uploading documents and share any notes pertaining to it.


It would be best to look for an app that seamlessly integrates with different mobile platforms. It is very likely that employees would be using different mobile phones and certain time tracking apps may not be available. Therefore, it’s important that you look for a time tracker app that is accessible on most popular platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. This way, your employees can upload the times and notes on-the-go.


Time tracking has come a long way from manual logs to more sophisticated mobile apps. With many tools available in the market, it is important to look for ones that help achieve your specific objectives. These can vary according to the other project management tools that you use as it should be able to integrate seamlessly as well.