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Up to date ways to promote music on SoundCloud

The manner in which we approach online music distribution has seen tremendous changes over the past few years. Many platforms have presented artists with the opportunity to independently promote music online. One such platform is SoundCloud, the biggest online music platform in the world.

SoundCloud is a proven musical promotional tool. Every artist looking to promote their art should be part of the SoundCloud community. This piece contains useful tips necessary to facilitate music promotion on SoundCloud.

What are the necessary tips to promote music on SoundCloud?

Some of the necessary tips can be summarily explained in ten ways:

Tag Usage

Tags are an important element on SoundCloud. Like hashtags on social media, tags on SoundCloud help an artist to be discovered. A concise and accurate tag will quickly expose an artist’s music to users. Music promotion is easy using SoundCloud tags.

The use of buy links

Beyond the listening, and like statistics, is the monetary aspect of music. Every artist wants to be able to earn money from their music. SoundCloud enables artists to add buy links to their songs. Buy links can be included on a song by clicking on the metadata tab. This allows a link to be included in the song. This links a user to platforms like iTunes, Juno, and Beatport where music is sold.

Using the word “donate” instead of “buy” or “purchase” may attract more support for the music.

Add visuals to the tracks

It is important to always drop tracks with befitting visuals. The visual is a pictorial representation of the released track. The visual is usually the first thing seen before the track records its first listen.

Make use of the SoundCloud wave

It is necessary to tell the story of your track first before users pour out their comments. Users can comment in the text box as a wave on SoundCloud. Artists can make use of the wave to narrate to the community the creative process behind the track. This helps improve interaction and feedback in the community between artists and fans.

Using the private mode

On SoundCloud, music can be shared privately. This feature allows artists to share exclusive, uncompleted projects. They can share them with labels, blogs, and organizations of interest.

Free Promotion on SoundCloud


The first step to promoting a track on SoundCloud is publishing. Putting together a body of art is almost useless if there isn’t an audience for it. SoundCloud is an excellent platform to get a track to its target audience.

Track Upgrade

Publishing a song is only the first step in its promotion. The published track might need some upgrades and changes. The SoundClound Pro plan enables an artist to change their track. With it, they would not lose the necessary statistics attached to the initial track.

Building vital collaboration

Building a good working relationship with other artists in the SoundCloud community is important. This relationship can be achieved by sharing the tracks of other artists. This exposes listeners and fans to the music of other artists. This leads to collaboration and positive development.

The role of social media

Expanding one’s fanbase beyond the SoundCloud community is paramount. Proper use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram will expand an artist’s fanbase.

With the advent of new methods of music promotion as well as the competitive nature of the music market, SoundCloud is essential. It is vital for new school artists to use SoundCloud to achieve their career goals.

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