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Monday, April 15, 2024

Huawei, HEC to Collaborate for 4th ICT Competition

Huawei is teaming up with HEC to collaborate for the 4th ICT competition, providing a wonderful opportunity to Pakistani students to gather valuable experience in the IT industry.

The Pakistan High Education Commission and Huawei technologies have partnered to conduct the 4th ICT Competition in Pakistan to promote the ICT industry’s technology certification and develop a local ICT talent and ecosystem.

In this connection, a meeting was held between Dr. Fateh Muhammad Marri, Acting Executive Director, HEC and Gaoweijie, Managing Director, Huawei Technologies, Pakistan in the chair. Niaz Ali Shah Rukh, Director, Huawei Public, and Corporate, and other officials also attended the meeting from both sides.

The ICT competition will offer the students with valuable experience in the industry. The students will work in the real laboratory and will tackle some of the industry’s most complex challenges. The competition material is based on the advanced IP and IT, and it tests contestants on their knowledge on AI, 5G, cloud computing, switching, routing, and network security.

Dr. Marri also announced the establishment of eight new Huawei ICT Academies in addition to the upgradation of the existing four ICT academies. He also stressed the need to devise a strong campaign to help maximum students benefit from the competition.

He praised the collaboration between HEC and Huawei, hoping that the partnership will promote bilateral relations. He termed the Huawei’s collaboration with HEC in the fields of 5G and Artificial Intelligence a vital step forward, describing Huawei’s support significant for transforming the education system in Pakistan.

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During the third ICT competition in 2018, the top six Pakistani students from National Finals entered the global competition, which included 147 students from 30 countries. The Pakistani students secured the second position.

In the fourth ICT competition, Huawei looks forward to holding awareness seminars, workshops, and preliminary rounds of this year’s competition while collaborating with Pakistan’s 14 ICT Academies. It will also arrange visits to 50 universities for marketing and roadshows.

This year, over 11,000 students from reputable universities are expected to register for the contest. It is anticipated that 7000 students will take the preliminary examination, out of which 500 students will appear for the online preliminary examination. Out of which 150 students will take the lab and interview examinations. The top six students will be selected for the international finals to be held at Huawei Headquarters in Shenzen, China.