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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Huawei to release P30 Pro New Edition

Huawei has hinted to launch P30 Pro New Edition this month. Many say that this move was made to get around Google restrictions which have lowered the company's sales in the western region.

Chinese tech giant, Huawei has launched an exciting offer on its website in Germany. The promotion is dedicated to the P30 lineup where a purchase of a smartphone will get the buyer a free Huawei MediaPad T3 10 and a case for the tablet. The phones eligible for the campaign are the Huawei P30 LiteHuawei P30 Lite New EditionHuawei P30Huawei P30 Pro, and Huawei P30 Pro New Edition.

Out of these, the Huawei P30 Pro New Edition, is a completely new phone without any official announcement yet. But, tech enthusiasts, Pocket-lint, picked up on the hint when the company’s website in Germany posted about a promotional campaign. Also, to everyone’s surprise, it looks like Huawei is going to have Google Mobile Services on board with this release. For all those who are aware of the ins and outs, this is quite a big deal.

What is the Entity list and is it still in place?

The U.S. government prevents Huawei from using full Google Mobile Services on its most recent phones, thanks to a blacklist called, the Entity list. Instead, for newer phones like the P40 Pro, the company relies on open-source Android and its own EMUI interface.

This detour was made possible because the phone is an updated version of a previous handset, simply re-releasing its old phones that already have certification to access Google Play. Of course, this will only work for so long, as the processor in these year-old devices will start to lag behind current models, leaving buyers seeking other brands offering phones with more current chipsets and full access to Google’s suite of services.

Nevertheless, the reason for making this move is to increase sales in more international markets. Huawei’s latest flagship phones don’t have Google’s services installed, and so they’re a hard sell in western markets where we rely on the Play Store for all of our most-used apps.

Regardless of how fast the Huawei App Gallery is growing, it still lacks a lot of basic apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Therefore, by launching a ‘New Edition’ of a device, Huawei is able to continue offering Google’s services. Technically, it’s still the same phone as one which they already offer Play Services with, but with greater memory.

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What will be new?

To justify its release, Huawei P30 Pro New Edition needs to have a refreshed processor at the very least. The last time Huawei released a ‘New Edition’ phone was when the P30 Lite New Edition was launched. In that case, the New Edition saw changes to the RAM and storage; so, one might expect a similar upgrade with this phone too. Possible that will be the change here too.

When will it be released?

Huawei has not set the international release date for the Huawei P30 Pro New Edition as yet. This is nothing unusual. Even in the past, the company has released phones in different territories on different timelines. This can either be an experiment or a well-planned move based on market research.

However, according to the promotion, Huawei will release the phone in Germany around May 15th; so we can expect to hear more details before then.