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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hum TV’s hit comedy Series Suno Chanda will be back for Season 2!

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Some surprising news has recently been released online regarding a beloved Hum TV serial and it is sure to please fans. According to BBC Haroon Shahid the series will be returning for a second season and claims that he got the news straight from the TV maestro Momina Duraid herself who also serves as the show’s producer. Speaking on Twitter, the journalist wrote:

“I have it confirmed from #MominaDuraid herself… Suno Chanda Season 2 is happening!! It’s in the writing stages now and @farhan_saeed & @IqraAzizz are both on board! All the regular characters will be back plus some new additions too!” The news was then confirmed by one half of the show’s two leads, Iqra Aziz on Twitter.


Suno Chanda premiered this year as an half hour Ramadan special comedy. The series was directed by Ahson Talish of Daldal fame and written by Saima Aqram Chaudhry. Airing at 9:10 pm from late May to June, the comedy was an instant hit and broke ratings records for the viewers who tuned in day after day to see the quirky series. The show focused on two young cousins Arsalan and Aajiyah who had gotten married at the behest of their dying grandfather.

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Despite their nikaah young Aajiyah and Arsalan continue to live very different lives apart from each other until the date of their rukhsuti edges closer and the two desperately try to get their marriage broken off. To do this they devise a couple of plots designed to create turmoil in their houses and animosity towards the two families that would come together at their marriage.

Starring singer turned actor Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz in lead roles, the ensemble sitcom also featured Samina Ahmed, Mashal Khan, Nabeel Zuberi, Farah Shah, Ali Safina, Farhan Ali Agha and Sohail Sameer, among others. Despite a rather clichéd and overdone concept the show proved to be one of the highlights of the year so far.

With its sweet and charming comedy, excellent acting by the cast, in particular Farhan and Iqra who proved how skilled they both are at acting with winning chemistry that anchored the series even when it played out too predictably. The script also does a remarkable job of capturing the essence of a true Pakistani joint family while not downplaying the changes that had occurred to the traditional family roles over time.

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Iqra’s role as Jiya was commended by many since she went toe to toe with her husband in ensuring that her needs were not silenced. In its lifetime, the series became the most watched series ever during Ramadan on broadcast TV. The show not only won over fans, but critics too and even Hum TV actress turned bonafide star Mahira Khan confessed to liking the show and stated that she’d “heard great things about the show”.

The news of the show’s sophomore season has quickly lit up the Twitterverse with fans expressing their delight at the TV series’ unexpected renewal.  There isn’t much to tell us how the second series will shape up and when it will arrive, but the makers of the series can rest assured that fans will be waiting with awaited breathe.