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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Hunter Biden Faces Nine Charges, Including Tax Evasion

Hunter Biden faces nine charges, including tax evasion and false returns, accused of an extravagant lifestyle and dodging over $1 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019, intensifying legal scrutiny amidst the backdrop of the 2024 election.

Special Counsel David Weiss filed a nine-count indictment against Hunter Biden, accusing him of failing to pay $1.4 million in taxes from 2016 to 2020. The charges carry a penalty of up to 17 years in prison and include six misdemeanor charges and three felonies, including tax evasion and filing a false return.

According to the sprawling 56-page indictment, Hunter Biden earned millions from foreign entities in Ukraine, Romania, and China. Prosecutors allege that he spent the money on an extravagant lifestyle instead of paying taxes. The charges provide details, including $683,212 in “Payments — Various Women,” $397,530 on “Clothing & Accessories,” and $188,960 on “Adult Entertainment.”

Hunter Biden’s Spending Habits and Tax Evasion Allegations

Prosecutors argue that Hunter Biden had the means to pay his taxes but chose to spend lavishly, including substantial amounts on personal expenses. He reportedly used a business line of credit to make payments to an online pornography website. Hunter Biden previously borrowed $2 million from his lawyer to settle back taxes, penalties, and liens.

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Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s attorney, dismissed the indictment as containing “no new evidence” and a result of Weiss “[bowing] to Republican pressure.” Lowell claimed that the charges wouldn’t have been brought if Hunter’s last name were not Biden.

President Biden’s Son Indicted on Felonies, Facing Prison Time

The nine charges against Hunter Biden include three felonies, with a maximum penalty of 17 years in prison if convicted on all counts. The felonies involve tax evasion for his 2018 personal taxes and filing false returns for 2018 personal taxes and a corporate income tax return for his company Owasco, PC. Additionally, six misdemeanor charges relate to failure to pay and failure to file for the tax years 2016 to 2019.

Weiss alleges a four-year scheme by Hunter Biden to evade at least $1.4 million in federal taxes, emphasizing that he “spent millions of dollars on an extravagant lifestyle rather than paying his tax bills.” The charges intensify the scrutiny on President Joe Biden’s son, setting the stage for a legal battle as the 2024 election looms.