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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Husain Haqqani mulls taking legal action against Imran Khan

Husain Haqqani has revealed that he has contacted his lawyers to proceed against the former premier.

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Pakis­tan’s former ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani is considering taking legal action against PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan for the allegations he leveled against the former envoy.

According to the details, Husain Haqqani has denied the accusations leveled against him by Imran Khan. He also said that the PTI chief does not get tired of blaming a person who has not held any position of power for 11 years. He said that the former premier continues to invoke his name in matters which do not concern him.

“It is sad that Imran Khan continues to invoke my name in matters which do not concern me. Strange that he blames for his downfall someone with no position of power for 11 years, no political party, no army, & no intelligence service. Why is research/writing threatening?” Husain Haqqani said.

Moreover, when asked about legal proceedings, Husain Haqqani said that he has contacted his lawyers to proceed against the former premier.

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“I have asked my lawyers to take action,” Husain Haqqani said. In a separate statement, Husain Haqqani said he has asked his lawyers to examine if Imran Khan’s allegations about him fall under defamation laws in the various countries where his statements are published.

Imran Khan’s allegations against Husain Haqqani

PTI Chairman Imran Khan, while talking to journalists at his Zaman Park residence, accused General Bajwa of hiring Husain Haqqani in July 2021 for lobbying against him in the United States.

“Haqqani kept promoting General Bajwa and continued campaigning against me,” Imran Khan said.

Pertinent to mention that the allegations come after documents posted online last month showed that a former CIA station manager in Islamabad, Robert Grenier, was hired in July 2021 to lobby for the PTI government in Washington who then engaged Mr. Haqqani to do some research work for him.

Later, PTI officials in the US said that both men — Mr Grenier and Mr Haqqani — were working for a senior figure in the Pakistani military establishment and that instead of working for the party, they tried to bring down its government. Mr Haqqani immediately rejected these allegations as incorrect.

“I just did some research work for Mr Grenier on Pakistan’s politics and economy. That is not lobbying, and the relevant US law is clear that it is not lobbying,” Husain Haqqani said.

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