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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Husband of PTI MPA Abida Raja detained for beating judge

The video of the incident went viral on social media yesterday and stirred a strong reaction from internet users.

Islamabad Police on Sunday detained the husband of PTI-lawmaker Abida Raja for hours after he fought with Additional District and Session Judge Malik Jehangir Awan on Sunday.

Chaudhry Khurram, the husband of Abida Raja, a parliamentarian of the Punjab Assembly, had slapped Judge Awan in a road-rage incident in the federal capital yesterday. Khurram beat and fought with Awan over ‘improper over-taking’.

The altercation turned into a fistfight when Khurram slapped Judge Awan. In a rage, Awan took out a gun from his car and fired shots near Khurram’s leg. The incident happened in the Red Zone area of Islamabad opposite the Foreign Office on Constitutional Avenue, reported The Express Tribune.

Soon after the incident, Secretariat Police reached the spot and took Khurram away with them to the police station. It is further reported that Abida Raja was not present in the car at the time of the incident. Moreover, no case has been registered against anyone since conflicting parties do not want to take the matter further.

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Police detained Khurram for five hours and released him after Awan said he does not want to pursue a case against him, reported Express Tribune.

Meanwhile, Islamabad-based journalist Arshad Sharif had reported that Judge Awan is seriously injured but police are being pressurized to not register the case against the husband of PTI’s lawmaker.

The video of the incident went viral on social media yesterday and stirred a strong reaction from internet users. Twitter users demanded strong action against the culprits. The video shows a car was already stationed at a fuel station when a man from another jumped out and started assaulting the man in the car.

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“We severally criticize the assassination attempt on the life of Mr. Jehangir Awan, Additional Session Judge, Islamabad. The attack was carried out by the husband of Mrs. Abida Raja, MPA of PTI. Law shall take its full course against the criminal for the criminal act,” wrote one social media user.