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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

‘Hypocrites’ are still in who ‘want to dismantle party’ says Imran Khan

He claimed that certain party members were in contact with his rivals and were actively working to dismantle the party.

Amidst recent social media clashes among top PTI leaders, Imran Khan, the founder of the former ruling party, made shocking revelations during his interaction with journalists inside Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail. He claimed that certain party members were in contact with his rivals and were actively working to dismantle the party. Khan’s statements followed similar remarks made by PTI leader Shehryar Afridi, who without naming anyone, criticized the presence of “hypocrites” within the party and urged support for loyal party workers.

Highlighting the internal rift, Khan condemned those within the party accusing his wife, Bushra Bibi, of being an American agent, referring to them as “black sheep.” Despite this turmoil, Khan extended an olive branch to his rivals, expressing readiness to meet with anyone for the country’s sake, emphasizing that the issue was not personal but about Pakistan.

Khan didn’t shy away from criticizing former COAS General Bajwa, accusing him of betrayal and stating that he had shown restraint despite provocations. He also mentioned forming a committee to meet with Bajwa, indicating his desire to avoid confrontation with the military.

 Sharif family cases and lack of action

Discussing broader political issues, Khan touched on alleged election rigging, interference in judicial affairs by intelligence agencies, and threats to judges, questioning the country’s investment climate under such circumstances. He vowed to pursue legal action against NAB officials and others involved in cases against him and his wife.

The conversation shifted to historical and geopolitical perspectives, with Khan mentioning alleged plots against him, referencing past events like the ‘London plan’ and drawing parallels to  East Pakistan, “Mujeebur Rahman’s majority would have ended Yahya Khan’s power.” He criticized the current state of affairs, highlighting economic challenges, political power dynamics, and alleged control exerted by certain individuals over the country.

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Addressing accusations of tarnishing the army’s image, Khan defended PTI’s stance based on information provided by ISI and General Bajwa regarding corruption within rival political families. He said” We were informed by the ISI and General Bajwa about corruption within the Sharif family, including the acquisition of cars from Toshakhana. Why haven’t their case been pursued?”