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Sunday, April 14, 2024


Huma Zafar |

I was asked to write a fun witty article for this audience. Normally, my wit and humor overtakes any situation and I find the irony in most things and take things in stride. Today, when I started writing and two words kept popping in my head: the dreaded two words, “Move On.” And I decided to write about this aspect of men that most are too hurt to, too shy to and too embarrassed to talk about. Rejection.

Rejection is painful. Rejection is hard. Rejection is emotionally taxing. At that point in your life, no one can understand your pain, your humiliation, the sense of despair you feel, the anxiety, the loneliness and the sense of being unworthy. All of us at some point in our lives have heard the words, “I’m not ready, move on.” As you hear them, and you absorb the meaning of what he is saying to you, you wish to scream and shout at his audacity for treating you like you’re insignificant but dignity and composure hold you together (I hope). Let him go. I promise you, at that point in your life when you want to beg him to stay, let him go. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t wish to be with you. Remind yourself as your heart feels, like someone is squeezing it so hard in your chest, remind yourself that it is okay. He can go. You will move on. Not because he said so, but because your , your dignity demands it from you.

Delete his number. No you will NOT text him. You will not call him. You are allowed to re-read his last whats-app message and cry. Yes you are allowed to cry. But you will not stalk him on Facebook, you will not see when he was last active online. He is dead to you. You have to be that cold and that numb. Cry some more. Do not binge….. eat. Go for a walk. A long walk. Cry. You know what you need? Some good endorphins. Go for a run. Let your muscles scream in pain. Sweat is your heart crying. No contact for three months. None at all. He asked you to move on. And you will. In three months you will be a different person. Hurt strengthens you. Do not chase him. They all come back. Be the woman, the sexy confident woman, who he lost with his mistake. Never ever be that desperado that chases him. The crazy psycho who sends him pathetic needy texts. No. You are a beautiful confident woman with class and dignity. You will move on, gracefully. Head high, back straight put on some red lipstick, get a blow-dry. Face the world. You are beautiful; a powerful woman.

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