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Sunday, April 14, 2024

I can’t sit with Murderers of Kashmiris: FM Qureshi fights for Kashmir Internationally

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister has categorically stated that he won’t sit with the murderers of the innocent Kashmiris. Pakistanis laud his decision. SM Qureshi earlier met several Foreign Ministers and discussed plight that fell upon Kashmir.

In an interesting move, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday boycotted the speech of Indian Minister of External Affairs Subrahmanyam Jaishankar at the meeting of SAARC Council of Ministers in New York. The FM maintained that he cannot sit with the murderers of innocent Kashmiris. “It is not possible for me to sit with the murderer of Kashmiris,” he told reporters after boycotting the speech.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office also issued a statement clarifying that the country shall not get engaged in any talks with India. “Pakistan will not engage with the ‘Butcher of Kashmir’ until and unless they (India) lift the siege and put an end to atrocities in occupied Kashmir,” a statement issued by the spokesperson said.


On August 5, the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stripped Kashmiris of the constitutional rights they had for seven decades through a rushed presidential order. Since then, an indefinite curfew has been in place in occupied Kashmir while elected leaders are still under house arrest.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is to take up at the United Nations General Assembly today the issue of the unilateral annexation and brutalities by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir. The premier has already informed the world about the inhumane treatment being met to the innocent Kashmiris. He is exposing PM Narendra Modi and his fascist ideology.

Pakistan Downgrades Diplomatic Ties with India

It’s worth noting that recently Pakistan has decided to downgrade diplomatic ties with India and suspend bilateral trade, asking India to withdraw its envoy to Pakistan in retaliation against the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir and revocation of its special status. “Pursuant to the decision of the National Security Committee today, the Government of India has been told to withdraw its High Commissioner to Pakistan.

The Indian Government has also been informed that Pakistan won’t be sending its High Commissioner-designate to India,” the Pakistan foreign office said in a statement made available by the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

Pakistan was not happy over the UAE government’s decision to award Modi who is responsible for the killing of countless innocent Kashmiris.

The decisions were taken after a meeting of the Pakistan National Security Committee chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The meeting decided to review all bilateral arrangements between the two countries. Besides this, Pakistan said it will raise the issue of India integrating Kashmir more closely with itself at the UN.

Khan’s Government Faces Criticism

A few days ago, Indian Prime Minister Modi visited Paris, France and reportedly used Pakistani airspace. It garnered severe social backlash in Pakistan when many quarters blamed the present government for having a soft corner for the current Indian admiration. “UAE conferred the Indian Prime Minister with the highest civil award since they knew it that Modi was coming using Pakistan’s airspace. Why should they have opposed India if we have a soft policy and that too for face-saving,” a social media user wrote on Twitter.

Pakistan was not happy over the UAE government’s decision to award Modi who is responsible for the killing of countless innocent Kashmiris. The senate chairman canceled his scheduled visits to the UAE for the same reasons.

Strong Position is Needed

Political analysts believe that Pakistan has to come up with clearer and stronger policy to seek the attention and support of the international community. Without being able to demonstrate full support for the Kashmir cause, Pakistan may not be able to properly internationalize the dispute and seek justice for innocent Kashmiris.

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Experts believe that extraordinary times demand extraordinary decisions. This is the time when Pakistan has to show its consistent, serious and well-thought policy on Kashmir. This is the final stage to be decided whether Kashmiris are fully supported by Pakistan in their struggle to get the right to self-determination or not.