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Saturday, May 25, 2024

I rejected Humsafar twice: Fahad Khan reflects on his showbiz journey

Fawad, not just a charismatic actor but also a versatile talent in showbiz, was the lead singer of the acclaimed band Entity Paradigm (EP).

In the realm of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, a few luminaries have transcended borders and achieved cosmic stardom in the age of social media, defying political tensions. Fawad Khan, renowned for his stellar debut in the 2007 film Khuda Kay Liye, stands at the forefront of these contemporary artists.

In a recent candid interview on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast, Fawad reflected on his entry into the Pakistani media industry in an era devoid of social media. He reminisced about a time when music and film served as the sole escapes from reality, emphasizing their profound impact on shaping imaginative worlds.

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Fawad, not just a charismatic actor but also a versatile talent in showbiz, was the lead singer of the acclaimed band Entity Paradigm (EP). Recounting the band’s journey and its temporary dissolution in 2007, he acknowledged the “ugly breakup” but gracefully moved past it. Fawad’s departure from music wasn’t driven by creative differences, as he clarified with a smile.

Married to Sadaf in 2005, Fawad pondered his father’s wisdom that one’s fate is intertwined with family. Despite the uncertain future in both music and acting at the time, he embraced matrimony without hesitation, guided by the belief that destiny unfolds with commitment.

Addressing his acclaimed drama series Humsafar, Fawad admitted to mixed sentiments about its impact on his career. Initially rejecting the script twice, he ultimately agreed, partly motivated by the paycheck. Despite finding the story generic, he acknowledged the unique combination of people involved and the memorable song’s contribution to the show’s success.

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Fawad’s foray into Bollywood, particularly the film Khoobsurat with Sonam Kapoor, was more of a leap of faith than strategic planning. Reflecting on his acting stint in India, he emphasized the importance of enjoying the creative process and maintaining a positive attitude.

In contrast to many celebrities, Fawad has been adamant about minimizing his online presence, delegating social media management to his team. He expressed discomfort with sharing personal details and daily activities, believing that maintaining a certain level of intrigue is vital for sustaining star power.

As he looks forward to future projects, Fawad disclosed his reluctance towards emotionally heavy roles, emphasizing the draining nature of such performances. In essence, he encourages aspiring actors to relish the journey, believing that genuine enjoyment during the creative process translates into a compelling end product.