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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I Should Be Apologized To: Khan’s Response to ISPR’s Demand for Apology

Imran Khan, the jailed PTI founder, refuses to apologize for the May 9 riots despite military pressure, distancing his party from violence, advocating for dialogues, and backing a judicial inquiry into past events.

In a bold stance from Adiala Jail, PTI founder Imran Khan refused to apologize for the May 9 riots despite military pressure. Declaring, “Why should I tender apology, it should be sought from me,” Khan dismissed calls for contrition, emphasizing his commitment to his principles. His rejection comes in the wake of the military’s demand for an apology from those involved in the violent protests, coupled with a categorical refusal to engage in dialogue with perpetrators of the unrest.

Distancing PTI from Violence

Khan vehemently distanced his party from the violent protests, asserting PTI’s historical non-violent ethos spanning 27 years. He claimed ignorance of the May 9 riots until presented before the Supreme Court, where he condemned the incidents.

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“I condemned the May 9 incidents in front of [former] chief justice Umar Ata Bandial,” he added.

Khan highlighted the party’s commitment to dialogue for the betterment of Pakistan, rejecting any notions of seeking deals or fleeing the country. He underscored discrepancies in investigations, comparing the disappearance of CCTV footage in Pakistan to its efficacy in the US Capitol riots case.

Calls for Inquiry

Amidst calls for accountability, Khan backed the DG ISPR’s call for a judicial inquiry into the 2014 PTI sit-in, challenging the allegations of rigging in the 2013 general elections. Expressing readiness to appear before an inquiry committee, he refuted all accusations against him related to the sit-in.

Khan also reaffirmed PTI’s support for the military, urging against its entanglement in political affairs. As tensions escalate, Khan’s steadfast stance sets the stage for a protracted confrontation between PTI and the military establishment.