I was drugged to be trapped in rape incident, Mufti Aziz-Ur-Rehman

A video of JUI-F leader and administrator Mufti Aziz-Ur-Rehman has been circulating all over social media where he could be seen sexually abusing a madrasa student.

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A video of JUI-F leader and administrator Mufti Aziz-Ur-Rehman has been circulating all over social media where he could be seen sexually abusing a madrasa student. The heinous act took place on the 15th of June at the Jamia Manzoor Islamia madrassa.

In the video being circulated, the face of the victim can clearly be seen, which is why the circulation of the video is being inhibited in order to keep his anonymity.

The institute itself has released a notice against Mufti Azizur Rehman. According to the notice written by Maulana Asadullah Farooq, the video of the act was shown to the administrator at 12am midnight. The video was also shown to the son of the culprit Iltaf-ur-Rehman, who was later told to give his father the message of leaving the institution.

After the truth came out the institution sacked the Mufti from any further duties. The notice is dated to the 3rd of June.

The language used in the notice was harsh and they made it clear that the Mufti’s presence will no longer be accommodated on campus. He was told to pack his things and leave. The institution has detached itself from any further acts of atrocity coming from the Mufti.

The accused Mufti has himself released a statement calling the incident a conspiracy against him and his character. He said that he hasn’t committed any act in his consciousness.

According to him the survivor had drugged him and made him do the absurd act after which he wasn’t able to attain consciousness.

The Mufti said that it can be clearly seen that the boy “disguised” as a victim had made the video of the incident himself. He said that if he was conscious he wouldn’t have let him make a video that could damage his career.

Mufti claims that the boy was not forced to commit any sexual act, according to him it was consensual, committed at his own will and the video has been made by him as well.

He further claims that the video is old and is being circulated to damage his reputation and to get him terminated from the madrassa.

He casually mentioned that the video was made 2.5 years ago in winters, saying that this can be proved due to his attire in the video.

He said that he was previously forced to leave the institution by multiple people. He states that the main character of the case Sabir Shah has left the area, whereas he has stayed put to prove his innocence.

The letter of termination by Asadullah Farooq is also dated 3rd June, whereas the incident took place on the 15th proving according to him the conspiracy against him.

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Some people have acknowledged the fact that these obscene acts do occur in our society as good and bad are prevalent side by side. What is shocking is that the person who had committed the foul act is a Mufti, a representative of our faith.


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