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Friday, July 19, 2024

I will not make a deal with anyone: Imran Khan

Hassan underlined the party's commitment to Khan's stance during a discussion with journalists in Islamabad.

PTI’s Information Secretary, Rauf Hassan, emphasized the unwavering resolve of the party’s founder, Imran Khan, in the face of recent legal setbacks. Despite facing convictions in multiple cases, including the high-profile Toshakhana reference and a cipher-related matter, Khan remains resolute and unwilling to entertain any negotiation, even if confronted with more severe penalties. Hassan underlined the party’s commitment to Khan’s stance during a discussion with journalists in Islamabad.

Highlighting PTI’s diplomatic engagements, Hassan mentioned ongoing communication with representatives from various countries. Some of these interactions have yielded assurances of fair and transparent elections, although the details of such discussions are not publicly disclosed.

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Turning to the upcoming polls, Hassan dismissed concerns about PTI-backed candidates engaging in unethical practices such as horse-trading, emphasizing their steadfast loyalty to the party’s principles. He also shed light on the strategic decision to nominate lawyers as candidates, a move aimed at shielding them from potential legal ramifications.

Reflecting on past alliances, Hassan admitted to misjudgments, particularly in the case of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, a former ally. Despite past differences, Hassan expressed openness to former members willing to return to the party fold, subject to a review of their past anti-party statements.

On internal party matters, Hassan addressed the postponement of intra-party elections due to prevailing circumstances in the country and logistical challenges arising from the upcoming general elections. He outlined plans to transition to a digital format for conducting party polls when feasible, underscoring PTI’s commitment to democratic processes.

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Finally, Hassan touched upon the legal challenges confronting PTI, including the loss of its iconic electoral symbol. This development necessitated the fielding of independent candidates instead of official party representation, owing to Khan’s legal entanglements and his absence as the party’s formal leader.