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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Ice drug in Pakistan

Letter to Editor |

Drug addiction is basically a chronic disease affecting all the parts of the body. Youngsters usually start taking drugs in their teen ages and the first step of drug addiction is smoking. Drugs impact different people in different ways. One person can take and abuse drugs, yet never become addicted, while another merely has one experience and is immediately hooked. It can be said that drugs addiction is just a state of mind.

Drug addiction is often overshadowed by many of the country’s other human development problems, such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness and basic health care center. But the fact is that drug addiction is rapidly growing among the youth of Pakistan. I chose this topic because I think it is necessary for today’s society which is being taken over by the curse of drugs. Mostly High School and university students are involved in it.

It is the main reason, today’s youth is distracted from their ambitions, and due to it today Pakistan, even after 71 years of independence, is considered a third world country. One of the many reasons behind drug addiction is that those who desire to quit addiction do not have access to proper facilities. Some people are also involved in illegal activities in order to fund their drug addiction. This study will help us analyze the effects of drug addiction and will help us find better alternatives.

Unless serious measures are taken now, the very future of a large chunk of today’s youth will be severely compromised. The problem of drug addiction is too real and serious to be ignored. The government needs to involve communities and media in highlighting the perils associated with the drug addiction. The Media has a responsibility to highlight such issues with a view of educating people and building a consensus among them to forge a united stand against such scourges.

Maheen Yousuf


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