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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Imaan Mazari, Shiffa Yousafzai slam each other on Twitter

Shiffa Yousufzai recently posted a picture of her attending the Hum Style Awards. However, the post caused Imaan Mazari to open an unsolicited and unprovoked barrage of criticism on Shiffa Yousafzai on Twitter.

Imaan Mazari, daughter of Federal Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, slammed journalist Shiffa Yousafzai after she posted her picture from the Hum Style Awards Show.

Shiffa Yousafzai, along with her co-anchor Ovais Mangalwala, was attending the festival for the coverage of the award show for their program. She posted a picture of herself with co-anchor and actor Adnan Siddiqui on her Twitter.

“If you want to find out who attended the #HumStyleAwards2021 and who was wearing who; then you’ll be getting all that and the fun at backstage and red carpet – today on Subah Say Agay only on Hum News at 10:03 am Today’s show is not to be missed,” said Shiffa Yousafzai on Twitter.

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To which, Imaan Mazari opened an unsolicited and unprovoked barrage of criticism on the anchorperson.

“Attending & then covering an award show where an *alleged* harasser is the host…yes, pl lecture us on “selective feminism” Selling ur own crim defamation case ag/ a journalist as a “harassment” case when you’re sharing a platform with a harasser is the epitome of hypocrisy!,” wrote Mazari on Twitter.

Her comments were aimed at the defamation case filed by Shiffza Yousafzai against journalist Asad Toor for leveling libelous remarks against her in his YouTube broadcast. Imaan Mazari was representing Asad Toor in the case.

Ovais Mangalwala came to Yousafzai’s defense and hit back at Imaan Mazari. “Dear Ms. Lawyer… I hope you know the difference between “alleged” and “proven guilty”. If not, kindly look up your law books, ask a law teacher or check any basic English dictionary. That might help you,” said Mangalvala in his tweet.

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Yousafzai also responded to her but later deleted the comment. She also slammed Imaan Mazari for fighting the case of Asad Toor who she called a ‘habitual offender and abuser’.