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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Imran Khan delivers victory speech through AI

Imran dismissed Nawaz Sharif's victory speech, emphasizing that the true outcome of the elections was yet to be determined.

Imran Khan, the founding chairman of PTI and former Prime Minister asserted on Friday that his party had achieved a significant victory, securing a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly.

Addressing the public, Imran expressed gratitude for their participation in the democratic process. He attributed the failure of what he referred to as the “London plan” and the opposition’s premature victory claims to the overwhelming voter turnout. Imran dismissed Nawaz Sharif’s victory speech, emphasizing that the true outcome of the elections was yet to be determined.

Imran asserted that independent sources had initially projected PTI’s victory in 150 constituencies, with the party ultimately winning over 170 seats according to official records. He hailed the election as a historic moment, attributing the victory to the resilience of the Pakistani people.

Regarding coalition possibilities, PTI stalwart Barrister Gohar Ali Khan confirmed that the party had no intentions of forming alliances with PPP or PML-N, confident in PTI’s ability to form governments independently at the federal and provincial levels.

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While the PTI-affiliated independent candidates secured a majority in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, a close contest persisted in the Punjab Assembly between PTI and PML-N candidates. Gohar assured that the independent candidates aligned with PTI would maintain their loyalty, dismissing claims of defection to other parties.

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Addressing concerns of election manipulation, Gohar stated that PTI-backed independent candidates possessed Form-45 and would challenge any irregularities through appropriate channels. He urged the Election Commission of Pakistan to expedite the announcement of all results, emphasizing that the process of government formation depended on the completion of this crucial step.