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Friday, June 7, 2024

Imran Khan dips flatbread in tea, video goes viral

The video came online after the public rally of Imran Khan at Gujranwala. Supporters said this shows Imran Khan’s simplicity and austerity,

A video of Imran Khan eating flatbread with tea at a local hotel in Gujranwala gained massive traction on social media. The video was released online by fans and followers of Imran Khan.

The video came online after the public rally of Imran Khan at Gujranwala. The former prime minister had organized a massive public rally in the city as part of the series of his movement for real independence of the country.

The video showed Imran Khan eating simple desi food at a famous restaurant in Gujranwala. He was surrounded by people; he talked and interacted with the local people at the restaurant. Later on, after finishing the food, he dipped the leftover flatbread in tea and ate it. Fans said this shows Imran Khan’s simplicity and austerity.


Fans recalled how Imran Khan has always called for austerity measures and to spend life with limited means. They say Imran Khan used to visit the same restaurant back in the day.

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Meanwhile, Imran Khan has again lashed out at the government for blocking his live telethon fundraiser for the flood victims of Pakistan. Taking to Twitter, the former premier, in a series of tweets, revealed that the incumbent government tried to blackout his telethon. He revealed that the TV channels were pressurized not to air the telethon. However, when the channels continued to do so, the government allegedly threatened cable operators.

Imran Khan said the government “stooped to new levels of low” when they tried to blackout his second telethon. Pertinent to mention that the Islamabad High Court had earlier suspended the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority’s (PEMRA) notification which prohibited television channels from airing Imran Khan’s live speeches.

“Imported government of cabal of crooks and their handlers stooped to new lows last night when they tried to blackout my telethon for flood relief fundraising. First, they pressured channels not to air the telethon. When some channels continued to air the telethon, they threatened cable operators,” Imran Khan said.