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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Imran Khan establishes ‘Coronavirus Fund’ to help poor, Defends lockdown

Earlier, Prime minister Imran Khan also announced that the entire world was fighting war against coronavirus and so far the only successful country was China because it locked down 11 million people in Wuhan, but Pakistan could not take a similar step because 25 percent of it population is living in extreme poverty.

Prime minister Imran Khan on Monday stated that State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) had decided to provide cheap loans to the industries who would not be laying off their employees.

In a televised address to nation, the prime minister said that fund’s account would be open on Tuesday in a National Bank of Pakistan branch and the depositors would not be asked any questions.

He said that if a depositor wanted to declare his or her deposited amount in tax returns, he would get tax relief.

PM announced aid for the underprivileged class in wake of coronavirus crisis

In his previous address,  Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced allocation of Rupees 200 billion for labor class. This funding has been allotted to the laborers to help them in the wake of this crisis as they won’t be able to earn during the lock down.

Imran khan apprised the public of his concerns regarding the possibility of a curfew. He said that European countries can afford a curfew but a third world country like Pakistan where the poor class comprises of daily wagers cannot survive a nation-wide lock down. He further added that it is indeed worrisome how these daily wagers will be able to get food when they are prevented from earning.

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He stated that sadly most of the decisions in our state are made according to feasibility of the elite class. It is to be considered that how food will be supplied to underprivileged class, or the supplies to hospital and the effect of suspension of transport services while enacting these lock downs.

He quoted an example that there has been shortage in supply of pulses due to the shutdown of Karachi port. He stated that “The port has been reopened as seventy percent of our pulses are imported.”

Khan also announced Rupees 100 billion worth of tax refunds, a sum of Rs.100 billion for the small and medium industries, Rs.50 billion for utility stores, Rs.50 billion for purchase of required medical equipment and an amount of Rs.150 Billion is reserved for low income families. Expansion of Panah Gah, installment plans for payment of utility and gas bills and Rs.25 billion will be granted to NDMA (National Disaster Management Association) to secure kits and equipment from other countries.

Lastly, he declared that a special package will be announced soon for the construction sector as well as it contributes adequately to the economy of Pakistan.