Imran Khan Govt has put economy on right track – Poll respondents

65% of netizens on a Twitter poll believe that Pakistan's economy is succeeding under PM Khan's leadership. However, critics claim that PTI ruined Pakistan's economy owing to the large number of debts the government took in the last couple of years.

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Top Pakistani journalist and anchor at 92 news, Dr. Moeed Pirzada posted a Twitter poll regarding the PTI government’s 3 years performance. As PM Khan is set to share PTI’s performance report today, Netizens eagerly took part in Dr. Pirzada’s Twitter poll.

Since the PTI government completed its 3 years in Office, Dr. Pirzada asked Twitteratis about PTI’s economic performance. 65% voted that economy is on the right track.

According to statistics from the State Bank of Pakistan, PTI exported $25.3 billion worth of goods. With a 34% increase from last year, in 2021, Pakistan’s remittances reached record levels of $29.4 billion. Furthermore, Foreign currency reserves also improved substantially to $24.4 billion from only $16 billion in 2017-18.

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Many think the economy is speeding to success under PTI, 23.2% of the voters are of the opinion that the economy is still struggling, while 11.7% are of the view that PTI is ruining the economy.

Twitteratis claimed that the economy is suffering under PTI as the dollar is at an all-time high. They also criticized PM Khan’s frequent shuffling of Finance Ministers.

Moreover, there are frequent claims by economic analysts that the economy is worsening under PTI. Their accusations are based on the increased number of imports, and the amount of loan Pakistan took under PTI. In total, the government has taken foreign loans worth a whopping $33 billion, which includes Eurobonds.

However, PTI strongly maintains that it inherited a failing economy mismanaged by the corruption of previous governments. Therefore, loans were needed to be taken to finance development in Pakistan.

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Pakistan’s relations with India under PM Khan

In addition to PTI’s economic performance, Dr. Moeed Pirzada also asked netizens about their opinion on Pakistan’s relations with India during PTI.

PM Khan publicly declared that he wants good relations between India and Pakistan. However, the relations between the two countries worsened due to the Kashmir issue.

In 2019, India revoked the special status of Kashmir. Ever since Pakistan has actively advocated for Kashmir and demanded that India go back on its decision. As a result, tensions between India and Pakistan escalated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan even said that bilateral ties with India cannot return to normal until the neighboring country restores the semi-autonomous status of the disputed Kashmir region.

“If we normalize relations with India at this stage, it will be a betrayal with the people of Kashmir,” PM Khan had said.

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India on the other hand refuses to reverse its decision on Kashmir. Moreover, the gross violation of Muslim rights in India is also a point of contention.

Therefore, 74.4% of the voters held the Modi government responsible for the deteriorating relations between India and Pakistan, as Modi is unwilling to cooperate with Pakistan.