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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Imran Khan inspired me to embrace Islam: Kristiane Backer

Former MTV presenter Kristiane Backer expresses concerns on terrorism charges against Imran Khan. While talking to Pakistani media she said that Imran Khan inspired him to accept Islam.

Imran Khan believes in mysticism and Sufism. She asked if anybody has ever seen a Sufi a terrorist. Backer urged people to give him the respect he deserves.

“I wish Imran Khan will remain safe and that Pakistan should treat him with the respect that he is due. He is hugely popular. He is a great leader and he has a vision, not everything worked out the way he envisioned. But his heart is in the right place. He inspired me so much and I converted to Islam because of his teachings and inspiration. I can tell you one thing, have you seen a Sufi terrorist?,” said Kristiane Backer. Her statements are making rounds on social media.

Imran Khan is known for raising the voice on Islamophobia globally. He was voted the “Personality of the Week” by Al-Jazeera weekly program “Sibaq-ul-Akhbar” (News Competition), when he was in the office, for his views and efforts to address the issue of Islamophobia.

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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced to lead a strong campaign at the international level along with the heads of Muslim countries to jointly fight the blasphemy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him).

On the issue of blasphemy, he said, some political and religious parties in the country were “misusing” Islam to play with the sentiments of the common man and were inciting violence.

“The protests and violence will do no harm to the West, but inflict severe damage to your own people,” the prime minister said in his address at the groundbreaking of Margalla Highway.

In his interviews with international media, Imran Khan questioned the cases of terrorism on him. He said the people of Pakistan know him for 50 years but not as a terrorist.