‘Imran Khan is coming back!’

Strict measures taken by the coalition government in form of increasing taxes and inflation have caused strong agitation among people

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Since the coalition government took power, it has taken strict measures in form of increase in taxes, fuel prices, electricity charges and load shedding. Although, the government defends its economic measures as ‘crisis management’ but it has created strong agitation among people.

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Similarly, Geo News interviewed a seller in Sialkot who expressed his annoyance due to load shedding, government’s policy of closing shops early and massive inflation. He appealed government for pity and to think about the nation. Moreover, he said that it was not only Imran Khan who has been unfairly treated, in fact the whole nation has been a victim of unfair treatment.”

He added, “whenever our country starts to make progress, they stop us. I want to tell clearly: Imran Khan is coming back!”

Undoubtedly, there was serious public reaction on the removal of Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan. People came out on roads, travelled for hours crossing all the hurdles created by the coalition government to reach Islamabad on Imran Khan’s call. The youth, who make up the backbone of Khan’s supporters, dominated the crowds. In the southern Arabian Sea port city of Karachi, more than 20,000 people shouted slogans promising Khan’s return to power. In capital Islamabad, the lights from thousands of supporters lit up the night sky as Khan made his way through the crowd atop a brightly colored truck.

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People are frustrated and raising voices for their sustenance after being immensely burdened by the economic measures imposed by the current government in the name of saving country from bankruptcy and availing International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) bailout program. Imran Khan has also called the public again for peaceful protest across the country against the nation’s crushing inflation, the imported government imposed on Pakistan through the US conspiracy to change the government and the NRO-2 provided by this government to save its 1100 billion rupees of corruption.

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