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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Imran Khan is Fan of Turkish Game of Thrones, ‘Dirilis Ertugrul’

Even PM Khan turns out to be a follower of a popular action-based Turkish serial Dirilis Ertugrul, appreciates the show for highlighting the life of Muslim rulers. The show also compliments his vision to revive the stature of the Muslim world.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged Muslim Ummah to watch the popular Turkish serial ‘Dirilis Ertugul‘-Resurrection, to get enlightened on the rise of Turks and centuries of their glorious rule in Europe. He insisted that all the five seasons of the serial should be dubbed in Urdu for the Pakistani audience.

His calls for the broadcast of a foreign show on Pakistani television is a consequence of a tri-nation pact between Malaysia, Pakistan, and Turkey to establish a BBC-type channel to tackle Islamophobia and restore the honor of Muslim Ummah globally.

The meetings held on the sidelines of the UNGA session last month reached an agreement on producing movies highlighting the notable Muslim figures and their services for the people, which will help neutralize the tightly-held misconceptions against Muslims as terrorists worldwide.

Imran Khan, stressing the significance of a Turkish show, Dirilis Ertugrul, asserted that Muslim children fantasize about the western idols yet are clueless about their history and great Muslim leaders. Adding that, the young generation must be taught their history so they can take pride in their identity.

What is Dirilis Ertugrul?

Dirilis Ertugrul is a Turkish action-based show, more commonly known as the Turkish ‘Game of Thrones‘. Dirilis is based on stories of the Muslim Oghuz Turks, fighting invading Mongols, Christian Byzantines and the fanatic Knights Templar Crusaders in Anatolia (now modern-day Turkey) of the 12th century.

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The show has gained massive popularity across the world, having a sweeping far-reaching fan following in as many as 60 countries, including South America, the Middle East, South Africa.

What makes it Popular?

While the magnificent characters and the larger-than-life performances of the actors have ticked the boxes, it is the deeply embedded messages on traditional Islamic beliefs entwined with the story of a valiant hero crusading against all the odds of his life makes it an engrossing show for the audiences.

The show focuses on the life of Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Usman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the world for 600 years.

The show smashes the dominant concept of depicting Muslim rulers as tyrannical, barbaric, war-mongering, and blood-thirsty warlords. The shows feature Ertugrul and other characters a protagonist’s Muslim rulers, who takes wise, a balanced and humble decision even in the complex circumstances. Upholding the principles of justice in every situation.

One of the distinct features of the show is that in each episode the makers disseminate both spiritual and life lessons by allowing principle characters to talk directly about moral dilemmas and their resolution.

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A strong emphasis has been placed on the Muslim scholars, and Islamic jurisprudence fetching out unique and well-thought solutions to the complex problems faced by the characters. The advises are based on the life of Holy Prophet SAW and Hazrat Imam, whom the Turkish crusaders consider their patron.

Imran Khan’s Vision for Muslim Ummah

In modern times, Muslims are not only stereotyped as terrorists but even thought of as backward, conservatives, illiterates and antagonists of modernization. Glaringly evident through the portrayal of Arabs in western movies as either a desert habitant riding a camel, flaunting skills with swords or an ultra-rich Arab sheikh, having in possession might oil reserves and involved in dealing with weapons and drugs.

The ‘Homeland’, was another Hollywood series based on the Iraq war, showing Muslims as dangerous terrorists. Over time, these perceptions have solidified with the repetition of messages.

Dirilis Ertugrul, a show that depicts an ideal image of a Muslim leader, will woo the populist leaders like Imran Khan, who are sensitive to the continuous slandering of Muslims, and envisions to bring an overhaul change in the identity of Muslims as a progressive nation.

He is also heading a campaign to facilitate the dialogues between two arch-rivals in Muslim world-Iran and Saudi Arabia. He is striving to dilute tensions between the two countries, part of his vision to unite the Muslim world at one platform.