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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Imran Khan lashes out at the PDM government

During a press conference on Tuesday, Imran Khan invited the nation to join the peaceful protests in all major cities of the country on 2nd July, while the central protest will be staged in Parade Ground, Islamabad led by Imran Khan himself.

Imran Khan lashed out at the incumbent government for acquitting itself of 1100 billion rupees corruption cases through an ‘NRO’. “They have relieved themselves of 1100 billion rupees corruption cases by granting themselves an NRO”.

He further accused the government of corrupting the institutions including the FIA, NAB and police to save themselves from corruption cases. “Their [PDM’s] sole purpose behind uniting against the PTI and all the long marches was to grant themselves an NRO”.

He pointed out to the frustration of people, as the PDM had built the narrative of fighting against inflation, whereas, the inflation is touching record levels in just two and half months of their rule. “Since the PDM has come into government inflation has skyrocketed, economy has taken a dive, rupee has lost its worth, while stock market is crashing”, former prime minister criticized the government.

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He also criticized the government for load shedding in extreme weather. “The five major power houses they had built during their last tenure are not producing any electricity as the agreements were based on imported LNG and coal, yet they are being paid the capacity payment from the national exchequer”, Imran Khan explained.

He further pointed out that despite all the pressure from IMF and the global inflation, the PTI government gave subsidy on fuel and energy prices, whereas, the incumbent government was quick to succumb to the pressure from IMF without any regard for the people of Pakistan. “In the three and a half years of the PTI government [fuel and energy] prices didn’t increase as much as in the last two and a half months of the PDM rule”.

“Instead of putting their minds to work on how to provide relief to the people, they are creating an atmosphere of fear and terror to oppress people”, Imran Khan said while referring to the abuse of tear gas and police observed during the Azaadi march and protests. However, “people cannot be controlled through the use of force”, he said. “Democracies don’t function through the use of force, instead it functions through moral authority”.

“The economy of Pakistan was disrupted by creating a political crisis through a conspiracy”, he said while pointing out the difference in the circumstances of Sri Lanka and Pakistan. He pointed out that Sri Lanka was first hit by an economic crisis which then led to political crisis, whereas in case of Pakistan, political crisis was created which led to the economic crisis. Imran Khan further said that he had warned the “neutrals” that the country would face a severe economic crisis if the country is politically destabilized.

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“I appeal the whole nation to join the peaceful protests without indulging in any violent or destructive acts”, while addressing the press conference, former premier Imran Khan appealed the nation to participate in the protest on 2nd July.

He stressed that fair and transparent elections are the only way out of the political and economic turmoil.

He expressed hope that the “unconstitutional” government in Punjab will not hold for long and asked the police and bureaucracy to not indulge in any illegal activities during the upcoming by-elections in Punjab.