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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

New Delhi ‘rape capital’ of the world owing to vulgar Bollywood films: PM Imran

Imran Khan in his latest exclusive interview termed New Delhi as the rape capital of the world and criticized the spread of vulgarity from Bollywood films.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that New Delhi, India’s capital, has become the ‘rape capital’ of the world in his exclusive interview, with renowned journalist Dr. Moeed Pirzada on Channel 92 news, as he touched upon a range of topics of concern for the Pakistani society.

The PM discussed the media and its influence when the topic was brought up, maintaining that Indian media and it’s film industry Bollywood has seen a surge in the creation and promotion of indecent and obscene content that has corrupted the society’s ethical and moral values, and such “fahaash” (vulgar) content has led to the spread of indecency in our communities.

PM Imran further stated how one of the reasons for airing Ertugral on PTV was to counter the spread of vulgarity from such “fahaash” content, and to show the people how we films and T.V shows could remain within the boundaries of Islamic without compromising on entertainment value for viewers.

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After the motorway gang-rape incident, which entailed the rape of a mother in front of her children’s eyes, Pakistan has been on edge with many calling for justice and strict punishments for the rapists so that a precedent is built which will deter any such future occurrences.

PM Imran supports chemical castration as punishment for rape

PM Imran was of the opinion that sex offenders such as the “Motorway Rapist” should be hanged at public squares, tweeted Dr. Moeed.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he has approved of the legislation to castrate rapists once proven guilty, and the government bodies will now introduce it to the parliament soon.

The comments of PM Khan came after the terrifying motorway gang rape case was reported on 9th September. He expressed these views in an interview with prominent TV anchor and journalist, Moeed Pirzada.

Since then, the case has gripped the headlines as entire nation expects swift justice in the case. Social media users besides demanding severe punishments for the culprits have also exhorted for changes in legislation to curb such heinous incidents in the future. Amid the heavy discourse on social media, calls have been made to hang the rapists publicly and a group even demanded the castration of the rapists.

Previously it was communicated to the media that Water Resources Federal Minister Faisal Vawda is delegated with the task of furnishing the draft bill which proposes the neutering of sex offenders.

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Vawda said that after the castration bill, his government will also table a bill for the hanging of such criminals. “If the hanging bill is not approved, we will get the castration bill approved, at least,” Vawda claimed.

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