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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Imran Khan re-elected chairman PTI unopposed

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan was re-elected as the chairman of PTI in intraparty elections held during PTIs National Conference in Islamabad on June 8.

While addressing the conference afterwards Imran Khan said that the current elections were conducted in a hurry, however, proper intraparty elections will soon be held at the first opportunity as they are a pre-requisite for the party to become an institution.

He observed that both the intraparty elections conducted so far were not up to the mark. However, he promised the party workers to conduct proper elections at the first opportunity to ensure meritocracy in the party. Moreover, he acknowledged and appreciated women’s performance in the party.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan criticized family politics and feudalism, and envisioned PTI as an institution based on meritocracy and democracy. He termed the rule of PMLN and PPP as monarchy rather than democracy, since democracy is based on meritocracy while monarchy lacks it.

He said that the incumbent government is not here to relieve the people of inflation ‘they cannot take a step if their masters in Washington don’t approve of it’.

“They have not come back for Pakistan; they have come back to serve a foreign agenda. Their government have been installed to enslave us, not to strengthen the country”, he said.

“The enemy forces wants to weaken PTI and the Pakistan Army. These forces are happy with the government of Shehbaz Sharif” he further stated.

Former Premier also criticized and expressed distrust in the latest delimitation of constituencies by the election commission and highlighted ‘mala fide intentions’ behind it. He said that complaints are already emerging against it. He accused the election commission of preparing for rigging the elections in favor of the incumbent government.

Imran Khan also accused the PMLN-led coalition government of corrupting key state institutions such as the NAB, FIA and police. He described the role of police during his recent long-march as unprecedented and violation of the values of democracy and Islam.

Police had reportedly conducted numerous raids at the houses of PTI-workers on the eve of the Azaadi March, and made excessive use of tear gas and baton charge to disperse the protesters.

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Mr. Khan while addressing the conference, blamed the incumbent government for the worsening economy and said that economy was growing at a good pace under PTI government. He bashed the coalition government for increasing the fuel and energy prices to an all-time-high.

Moreover, he noted that PTI is the only national party in Pakistan, hence its role is important for the integrity of the country. “I believe that we will emerge to be the party that will take this country in the direction of true freedom and democracy”, he stated.

Lastly, he vowed to further strengthen the ‘Haqeeqi Azaadi’ movement. He said that he will announce the date for the largest protest in the history of Pakistan in the next few days and instructed party workers to prepare for it.

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