Imran Khan refused Dev Anand’s offer to work in Bollywood

The charismatic cricketer of his time and now the premier of Pakistan, Imran Khan, was once offered to act in Bollywood veteran Dev Anand's movie. Khan refused the offer because according to him, he can't act.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan was once offered to act in an Indian movie by Bollywood’s veteran actor Dev Anand.

In a video of Prime Minister Imran Khan from one of his old interviews in India, he admitted that he refused an offer of a lead role in an Indian movie from Dev Anand.

“You won’t believe it but I was once asked by a brilliant Indian actor who we all look up to, to act in one of his upcoming films. He even turned up in England to request me, but I was puzzled,” Imran Khan was heard saying in the video.

The premier was asked details about who asked him and why he rejected to which Khan said,  “I won’t name him because it’ll be embarrassing.” He, however, shared the name from the pressure on the audience in a live show on Indian television.

Khan explained the reasons for refusing a couple of offers of acting in Indian movies. He asserted that he sees himself as a cricketer and he cannot act even in a school play let alone any film.

“For me it’s strange, to think that just because I’m a cricketer, doesn’t mean I can be an actor as well. It doesn’t make any sense to me. (Indian-origin director) Ismail Merchant also once asked me to act in a film, but again I was puzzled because I can’t act. I couldn’t even act in a school play, let alone a film,” Khan was quoted as saying.

Dev Anand had recounted this incident in his autobiography, “Romancing with Life”.

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Imran Khan’s ever-green charismatic personality continued to captivate people throughout his life. From being an exceptionally smart cricketer in adulthood, Imran Khan has, now, ascended into a popular world leader role.

Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared on the cover of the famous magazine ‘Arrajol’. The photo of the magazine took the internet with a storm. PM Khan is the first-ever Pakistani politician and leader to appear on the covers of the magazine.

Saudi Arabia’s lifestyle magazine is set to publish an exclusive story on the life of Pakistan’s premier Imran Khan. The glimpses from the story suggest it would be Khan’s interview on his life.

Few quotes from his interview have appeared on the covers of magazine that states “I was shy,” and “building a new Pakistan is my dream.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan was featured in the list of 50 sexiest Asian men and women in 2018. Khan acquired a 48th position in the list. The list was issued by the UK magazine Eastern Eye that every year features successful male celebrities of Asia.