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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Imran Khan responds to ISPR before leaving for Islamabad

PTI leader Imran Khan responds to the ISPR statements in a video message before leaving for Islamabad on Tuesday.

A day earlier, ISPR had warned former Prime Minister Imran Khan against leveling serious allegations against the military leadership. “This fabricated and malicious allegation is extremely unfortunate, deplorable, and unacceptable. This has been a consistent pattern for the last year wherein military and intelligence agencies officials are targeted with insinuations and sensational propaganda for the furtherance of political objectives,” stated the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) in a statement.

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Imran Khan in his response has said that he does not lie and that he has evidence to prove his allegations. Khan said that he has no case against him but he is prepared to go to jail if the law enforcement authorities show him his legal arrest warrants.

He reiterated that he is equally patriotic as he is not leaving his country and will continue to live here. He said that countrymen know him for the last 50 years, and he does not need to hide or lie about anything.

Khan referred to an assassination attack on him in Wazirabad and a police attack on him and his party workers in Islamabad’s judicial complex.

“ISPR sahib, listen to me carefully. Respect is not confined to a single institution; respect should be for every single citizen,” Imran said in his video.

“My question is: Despite being a country’s ex-PM — because this man’s name has come forward — why was I unable to register a first information report?”

“If he was innocent, it would have been revealed,” the PTI chief said. He termed the officer in question to be such a “powerful personality” that he was unable to register a case despite being in power in Punjab.

“It is my army, my Pakistan not just yours. It is our army,” Imran said. Spending so much money as if a major criminal is coming to Islamabad. Do us a favor and don’t stage such a drama and directly provide a warrant,” added Imran Khan.