Imran Khan shares ambitious plan of $40b Ravi city

The mega project has an investment portfolio of $40 billion and it will provide exciting and a huge range of profitable opportunities for international investors.

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PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has shared the ambitious plan of the mega Ravi City project which is expected to have the world’s largest waterfront.

Taking to Twitter, Imran Khan revealed that work is steadily progressing on Ravi City. The mega project has an investment portfolio of $40 billion and it will provide exciting and a huge range of profitable opportunities for international investors. It has the capacity to accommodate 15 million people which will reduce crowding in major cities. Ravi City will be able to sustain itself as it will have three barrages designed to conserve over 270 billion liters of water.

“Work is progressing on Ravi city. With a $40 bn investment portfolio, it will accommodate 15 million people and will be Pakistan’s first green and smart city. Vertical riverfront development provides a range of opportunities for international and national investors,” Imran Khan revealed.

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“Ravi City will have the world’s largest waterfront including three barrages conserving 270 bn liters of water for the much-needed aquifer of Lahore. Rakh Jhok, initiated the last year, is part of 5000 acres of reforestation environment plan. Embankments will be built with an innovative method of using natural soil to prevent flooding,” he further added.

Pakistan’s first green and smart city 

Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project (RUDP) is an approved urban development project located in Lahore District, that runs along the Ravi river. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the project on 7 August 2020 and the development work is currently underway.

It will be the first major planned city after Islamabad was set up in the 1960s under President Ayub Khan when the capital was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad.

The project covers 100,000 acres of land on the riverfront of river Ravi and is to be based on international standards in line with the latest housing developments as seen in Dubai and the UAE. It is supposed to convert the dying Ravi River into a perennial freshwater body along with high-quality urban development on each side of the bank.

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This gigantic project is going to generate a number of socio-economic benefits for the province of Punjab. It is going to create tremendous employment opportunities, ensure water security, fulfill housing needs, and would help run numerous industries. This 46-kilometer-long waterfront project is said to have 13 special centers including a health city, a knowledge city, a commercial city, a sports city, and an innovation city.


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