Imran Khan, the 22nd Prime Minister, graces Pakistan’s democracy, supporters are in tears.


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Imran Khan, a cricketer-turned-statesman, has been elected as the 22nd Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. His party, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) emerged as largest one in the Center, Punjab, and KPK in the General Elections of 2018. Mr. Khan got 176 votes and defeated the president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Shehbaz Sharif, who was able to obtain only 96 votes after their ally, PPP, decided not to vote.

Imran Khan’s maiden speech as Prime Minister-elect in the National Assembly

After being elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Khan addressed the National assembly in his traditional style and assured that he will ensure the implementation of his idea of Naya Pakistan. He thanked the nation for trusting in his leadership and assured that there will be accountability across the board. Nobody will get spare, he said. He also addressed the allegations of rigging levelled by the opposition parties and assured that he was ready to help out his rivals at any stage.

We lost the elections on 43 Punjab assembly seats with less than 3,000 votes,” he said. “The people who are accusing us of rigging the elections should tell us how I rigged the elections

But, at the same time, Mr. Khan also made it clear that he won’t sign any NRO with anyone. he NRO he is referring to, the National Reconciliation Ordinance, in 20017 under Pervez Musharraf which waived criminal cases against political bigwigs to allow them to return to Pakistan and go back to politics.

Moreover, the house erupted with protests from Nawaz Sharif’s supporters who cried, ‘respect the vote’ as Imran Khan spoke up. Imran Khan addressed them and asked why they did not agree to investigate the electoral rigging allegations for four constituencies he had asked for in 2013. “Why did the government not take action then,” he said, referring to the verdict of a commission that indeed, there had been rigging.

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“We lost the elections on 43 Punjab assembly seats with less than 3,000 votes,” he said. “The people who are accusing us of rigging the elections should tell us how I rigged the elections.” He went on to say, “InshAllah, my government will fix the electoral system. We will introduce a neutral umpire like I did in cricket in 1986.”

He supported anyone who wanted an investigation into the election results and wanted to go to the Supreme Court. “No one could ever blackmail me, nor can anyone,” he said. “You want to shout and scream and make noise. You want to hold a dharna. We will give you a container.” He said he had spent four months in a sit-in protest but his political opponents wouldn’t even last a month.

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Twitter Felicitates PM-Elect Imran Khan

Supporters and fans of Imran Khan took to the twitter and expressed their happiness and expectations after his election. Actor Adeel Hashmi tweeted and congratulated Imran Khan. “It would be an honor to serve #Pakistan under your leadership, Mr. Prime Minister. May God bless our country,” he said.

Former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also tweeted and said “Congratulations @ImranKhanPTI for being elected the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. Wishing you all the best in creating the #NayaPakistan and taking this country to a new era. #PrimeMinisterImranKhan #NayaPakistan #lovemycountry”

Mawra Hocane said she was in tears on the historic win of Imran Khan. “I’m in tears. We’ve waited for so long for this day. Truly Naya Pakistan with now #PrimeMinisterImranKhan ALHUMDULILLAH!! @ImranKhanPTI @PTIofficial May Allah bless you with the best of health & help you achieve all that you wish & plan for us!! InshAllah,” she tweeted.

Mehr Tarar, columnist and writer, also tweeted expressed her happiness on the election of Imran Khan as PM. “He had tears in his eyes. That is Imran Khan. I don’t remember the last time I saw any leader showing this emotion in becoming the prime minister. This to me is the manifestation of Khan’s absolute gratitude to Allah, his humility, & his thank-you to those who believed in him,” she said.

Imran Khan is expected to work amidst a strong opposition of joint parties. The PML-N has repeatedly stated that it will give tough time to the incoming government. The question in such a situation that how will Imran Khan deal with a ‘revengeful’ opposition and implement his ideas of the Naya Pakistan.