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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Imran Khan to give the call for a decisive long march in September

Chairman PTI Imran Khan has decided to give the call for a final long march against the imported government in the ongoing month of September.

Realizing that the political dynamics are now in his favor, Imran Khan has decided to give a final call to the public for a long march against the incumbent government to pressurize it into holding fresh elections. Talking to journalists in Bani Gala, Former Prime Minister said on Tuesday that he will call a long march any time now and the nation must stay prepared.

Imran Khan said that he cannot wait anymore. He said though he has had power to mobilize public for a decisive protest for a long time now, he has been patient so far for the sake of the country which is currently suffering from an economic crisis and the floods have added to its woes. “My patience for the sake of the country has been perceived as my weakness”, he said.

Appointment of the new Army Chief has become the major problem for Imran Khan as he does not want to leave this decision in the hands of the incumbent government whom he deems unfit for this decision. “We cannot leave the decision of appointments in the hand of a government that does not have mandate from public”, he said while referring to the appointment of new army chief.

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Imran Khan has been criticizing the incumbent government since his ouster through a no-confidence vote. He has been protesting his ouster from office, which he says was a result of a US-backed conspiracy.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has been mobilizing the public for the last five months against the ‘regime change’ in Pakistan. He has held scores of public rallies across the country in almost all cities of Pakistan. In May, PTI organized a long-march on Islamabad to pressurize the incumbent government into dissolving the assemblies and holding fresh elections. However, the peaceful march was dealt with unprecedented clamp down by the government through excessive and brutal use of police. Dozens of PTI leaders and workers were arrested, houses were raided and tear gas was used excessively, creating an atmosphere of fear among the public to discourage protestors.

After the long march, Imran Khan went on a spree of holding public rallies in all major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Gujrat, Multan, Faisalabad, and Sargodha. Public participation in all the rallies organized by PTI was overwhelming.

Since the ‘Azadi March’ held in May, political and economic situation of country has changed significantly in the favor of PTI. PTI is back in power in Punjab, economy of the country has degraded causing uproar among the public, and the victimization of Imran Khan at the hands of the incumbent government has gained him ever more public support. Therefore, he now feels confident to lead a public mobilization to demand immediate elections.

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