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Sunday, March 3, 2024

IK govt used my videos to blackmail opposition: Tayyaba Gul

The victim says NAB filed a case against her when she had refused to join former chairman Justice (retd), Javed Iqbal, in a flat.

Tayyaba Gul, a woman whose controversial video with the former NAB chairman had surfaced in 2019, on Thursday accused former prime minister Imran Khan of using her videos to have his NAB cases closed and to blackmail the opposition.

During an interview on the Geo News programme “Aj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Saath,” she said the NAB filed a case against her when she had refused to join former chairman Justice (retd), Javed Iqbal, in a flat.

Gul added that “when she complained on the prime minister’s portal, she was called by the then principal secretary Azam Khan to the Prime Minister’s House.”

She said, pledging justice, they took her phone and released her videos after two days without her consent. After she protested, they ran her denial and put her and her husband in the Prime Minister’s House for one and a half months on the promise of providing justice.

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According to The News, “after the release of the videos, she said the NAB did not arrest the PTI leaders and closed their cases. She claimed victims of Javed Iqbal were also in contact with her. She also disclosed that the NAB had pressurised PAC Chairman Noor Alam Khan not to call her to Thursday’s meeting. She said her tormentor was still the chairman of the commission on missing persons, adding that had he been in any other country, he would have been in jail.”

“Meanwhile, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) ex-chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal termed the allegation of sexual harassment against him baseless and unfounded. He said that Tayyaba Gul is a fraud, and its proof is her medical report, which was submitted by the woman medical officer of the Central Jail, Lahore, to the NAB Court of Special Judge Syed Najam ul Hassan.”

“It is stated in the report that prisoner Tayyaba Gul, w/o Muhammad Farooq, was brought to the Central Jail, Lahore, on Jan 16, 2019. According to the Prisoners Rule, 1978, every prisoner, who comes to jail, is subjected to a medical check-up. The medical officer checks up on the prisoner for surgical, gynecological, and psychological history. Therefore, a medical check-up of Tayyaba Gul was also conducted, and she did not complain of sexual harassment to the woman medical officer, deputy superintendent (judicial), and lady deputy superintendent of jail. Rather she stated in writing that she did not want to undergo the medical check-up. She, in her written statement, said that she was all right medically and did not want a check-up.”

Following the allegations, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Noor Alam Khan urged Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to remove or suspend Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal as head of the commission on missing persons.

Iqbal was summoned to appear before PAC on Thursday. But, he sent a letter to the committee, saying he would come after Eidul Azha.

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The chair said that an arrest warrant would be issued if Iqbal skipped the next meeting, Express Tribune reported.

Gul told the PAC meeting that NAB officials had stripped her naked, made videos, and filed cases, when she refused to comply with Iqbal’s “demands.”