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Imran Khan’s biopic, ‘Kaptaan’ to be released in 2018

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A biopic movie on Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf’s leader Imran Khan is set to release this year. The film titled ‘Kaptaan’ was originally slated to release in 2013 prior to General Election after its inception in 2011. The movie sheds light on the personal aspect of Khan’s life.

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The delay in the release was attributed to the unfortunate accident Imran Khan encountered during 2013’s election campaign. The producers hence decided to stall the release of the movie. The movie has been in the works for over six years. The trailer was first launched in 2013.

The lead actress Saeeda Imtiaz talking to a local media said, “The idea of Kaptaan came around in 2011. We conducted a workshop that year to translate the vision into a film. Filming commenced a year later,” said Saeeda Imtiaz.

“The film was originally slated for a 2013 release, right before general elections. The release got stalled after Khan met an accident before the polls,” the Wajood actor added.

Saeeda Imtiaz and Abdul Mannan are playing the lead roles of Jemima Goldsmith and Imran Khan in the movie. The actors said they interacted with the two personalities-Imran Khan and Jemima Goldsmith to understand their characters.

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The actress shared she had a conversation with Jemima Goldsmith as well.  “I had an email conversation with her in 2013.  She said she had loved the way we’ve portrayed her in the film. Goldsmith was ecstatic on learning that I was playing her onscreen,”

Abdul Mannan added that “There was an uncanny physical resemblance but I knew I still had a long way to go. I had to emulate his mannerisms, gait, and speech. I spent a day with him just to observe.”

“Around 60% (of the film) is premised on his personal relationships. ‘Kaptaan’ will also shed light on his relationship with Goldsmith,” he said.

The movie is releasing five years later hence the producers are intending to portray Khan’s pivotal life events.  After a few changes the film will be released.

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