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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Imran Khan’s near miss road accident raises alarm

Currently, Imran Khan is Pakistan's most popular political leader. Therefore, his near-miss road accident has raised alarm and concern among his supporters.

PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s near-miss road accident has raised alarm among the public. His supporters took to Twitter to pray for his safety and are demanding an inquiry into the accident.

To clarify, Imran Khan’s motorcade was returning to his residence in the federal capital after he addressed a public rally in Gujrat early on Friday. On the way, a vehicle in his security convoy caught fire near Rawat. The people jumped out of the burning vehicle to save their lives.

Imran Khan was safe since he was riding in a car behind the ill-fated vehicle. Rescue and the Rawat police station teams rushed to the site and the fire brigade put out the fire. Fortunately, no lives were lost in the accident.

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Pertinent to mention that PTI Chairman and former premier Imran Khan faces death threats. Even the Inspector General of Islamabad Police (IGP) – who earlier revealed that Imran Khan’s security was costing the government Rs. 20 million per month – admitted there were reports of threats to ex-prime minister Imran Khan’s life.

Prayers for Imran Khan

Currently, Imran Khan is Pakistan’s most popular political leader. Therefore, his near-miss road accident has raised alarm and concern among his supporters. A video of the car burning is also going viral on social media.

“Just read the news of an accident that occurred to one of the cars in Imran Khan’s convoy, the car caught fire. Thank god that Khan and the other passengers are safe, may Allah protect Imran Khan always,” PTI member Maheen Faisal wrote.

“This is serious and alarming. Car included in Imran Khan’s convoy on fire when he was returning from Gujrat. This needs to be investigated,” a concerned netizen tweeted.

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“Suspicious how a car in Imran Khan’s convoy caught fire on its own. Something is not right! May Allah keep Khan safe and sound, ameen!” another netizen wrote on Twitter.

Owing to the alarm caused by the road accident and suspicions being raised, Azhar Mashwani, PTI’s focal person, clarified the matter and said the car caught fire due to a short circuit.

Just spoke to Umar Sultan in Imran Khan’s security team. A vehicle running at the end of the convoy caught fire due to a short circuit. No need to panic,” Azhar Mashwani tweeted.