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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Imran Khan’s tracksuit gets discussed on social media: its suitability, price, brand!

The detractors evaluated PM Imran Khan's performance on the basis of his green pajama suit he wore while addressing the international audience on coronavirus. Among his biggest critic was the infamous journalist, Cyril Almeida.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was slammed on social media for wearing a tracksuit during an international address yesterday.

While Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a crucial message to the international community asking them to waiver debt payments on poorer countries following the abysmal economic conditions looming amid coronavirus lockdown, the critics pointed out the tracksuit he wore during the address yesterday.

The detractors mocked and disdained him on social media yet absolutely overlooking his pertinent message to the international community for the relief of debt-ridden economies including Pakistan as well. Among his biggest detractors was the infamous journalist, Cyril Almeida, who brought up this question of why Imran Khan wore a tracksuit during an international address, to mock him.


The criticism on social media reduced to questioning his capability for leading the country amid the pandemic coronavirus. They evaluated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s performance based on wearing a green pajama suit while addressing the international world on coronavirus.

Some even quickly came up with the conclusion that he is wearing Ralph Lauren Polo for $139. It is, however, unconfirmed if he was wearing a top from that brand.


A huddle of social media users from across the globe encountered the vitriol against Imran Khan on Twitter yesterday. They argued that while the world is gripped with deadly pandemic coronavirus, perhaps wasting time to select the attire before appearing for an address is certainly not on the priority list of Imran Khan.

The proponents of Imran Khan not only challenged the detractors but even schooled them on the current situation of Pakistan.

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Meanwhile, his ex-wife Reham Khan too jumped on the bandwagon to lash Imran Khan and jeered him for wearing a tracksuit and that ‘too a dreadful one’. Reham spewed hate and took an extremely low shot on her former second husband, asked people to donate generously to him so that he may buy clothes.