Imran Khan’s victory: Will Amir Khan keep his promise of visit to Pakistan?

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Singer and actor Ali Zafar reminded Bollywood celebrity, Amir Khan, to fulfill his promise of visiting Pakistan to celebrate the victory of Imran Khan.

A Twitter user asked Ali Zafar to remind Amir Khan of his promise, which he made back in 2013. Ali Zafar responding to the tweet by asking Bollywood celebrity, Amir Khan, to fulfill his promise and visit Pakistan since Imran Khan has finally won the General Elections.

“Sir, you have contacts with all Bollywood stars. Please give this message to Aamir Khan that Imran Khan has won the elections and now he should fulfill his promise and come and celebrate with us. Pakistanis are eagerly waiting to welcome him, a fan tweeted to Zafar.”

Ali Zafar responded, “Aamir Khan, I think it’s time :)”

Back in 2013 Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf chief Imran Khan, prior to elections, attended an event in India. In conversation with Imran Khan, Amir Khan expressed his best wishes for him. Amir stated that he firmly believes that one day Imran Khan will succeed in his mission.

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Amir promised that after Imran Khan wins the elections, he will come to Pakistan to celebrate Imran Khan’s victory. “When you win the election, I will definitely come [to Pakistan] to celebrate your victory. And I will bring lots of Indians with me,” Aamir had said.

Praising Imran’s vision for Pakistan, Aamir had said, “I really like the idealism and the dream in you. I wish you to succeed in fulfilling your dream. I wish Pakistan gets a government that can really solve its problems, a party that is determined to bring prosperity to Pakistan. It will be good not just for Pakistan but for everyone else. My heart tells me that you will succeed because you have been doing this for years. When you started out, you faced numerous challenges. Yet, you are still firm in your convictions and you are still at it.”

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