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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Imran kicks out pet dog ‘Sheru’ on wife’s order

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Imran Khan, a Pakistani politician and the former captain of its world cup winning cricket team always remain in headlines for tirades against his opponents. He, however, made headlines recently for kicking ‘Sheru’ out of his house on the demand of his wife, Bushra Bibi. Sheru is no human but a ‘dog’ which Khan is fond of.

Khan is known for his love of hiking, hunting and ‘dogs’. According to reports, Khan was ‘forced’ to kick out his lovely pet dog Sheru from inside his Banigala residence. Khan’s affection for dogs became the talk of the town after Reham Khan, Imran’s former wife, accused him of giving ‘dogs’ extra space in his house. Sheru must have been one of them.

Seems like ‘Sheru’ is now paying the price for that infamous breakup. According to local media, a new quarter was being built for Sheru in the vicinity of Banigala but outside the main residence building.

Imran Khan is accused of being rigid and doing what he thinks is right. But the kicking out of ‘Sheru’ is enough to bury all such speculations. Expulsion of Sheru proves that Khan will not allow a dog to become the cause of the breakdown in relations with his wife: again.