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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Imran Riaz was kept in a cage: PTI Chairman Imran Khan

Imran Riaz was kept in a cage, where civilized countries would not even allow animals to be kept - PTI Chairman Imran Khan tweeted while sharing a video of the jail's dire condition.

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PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has called out the dire conditions of the jail where senior journalist Imran Riaz Khan was kept while in police custody. PTI Chairman Imran Khan said those responsible should be ashamed.

Taking to Twitter, former premier Imran Khan shared a video of journalist Imran Riaz Khan behind bars in jail. Imran Khan also raised concern about Imran Riaz Khan’s alleged poisoning.

To clarify, journalist Imran Riaz Khan was on his way to Dubai for a medical appointment however, immigration authorities offloaded him from the plane terming his inclusion on the blacklist.

Later, Imran Riaz Khan revealed that he was going to Dubai because his doctors think he was given something dangerous to eat while in police custody. Therefore, he intended to go to Dubai for some medical tests to corroborate his claim. Needless to say, the news of his possible poisoning has raised alarm.

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“Imran Riaz was kept in a cage, where civilized countries would not even allow animals to be kept. Poisoning is also suspected. All those responsible shd be ashamed. Rather than scaring the people of Pakistan into silence, this only adds to people’s anger against this cabal of crooks and their handlers,” PTI Chairman Imran Khan tweeted.

PTI’s support for Imran Riaz Khan

Pertinent to mention that Imran Riaz Khan is a strong supporter of PTI and is the most vocal critic of the incumbent government which is led by PML-N. In many of his vlogs, he has been “exposing” the government and lashing out at the state institutions as well. Since then, Imran Riaz Khan has been implicated in a slew of cases that he says were motivated by his refusal to “stop speaking the truth”.

However, his popularity has also increased as he seems to be voicing the wider public sentiment against the government. As a result, Imran Riaz Khan’s arrest was severely condemned by civil society. In fact, PTI announced to hold a nationwide protest against his arrest.

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Taking to Twitter, the former premier said that all those who support democracy and the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in the Constitution must come out and protest against the arrest of Imran Riaz Khan.