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Saturday, September 23, 2023

India broke the promise made to Kashmiris, says Omar Abdullah

In a heated interview with Indian Journalist Navika Kumar, Omar Abdullah accuses India of not honoring its promise to the Kashmiris. Additionally, he also questioned the current government’s decision to implement Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

In an explosive interview given to Navika Kumar of the Indian local media, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah stated that the union of India should keep its promise to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The people of Jammu and Kashmir were promised a framework which was removed and I’m yet to meet someone who has been able to justify that beyond the political agenda,” Omar commented.

Additionally, he also questioned the current government’s decision to implement Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Please tell me how Jammu and Kashmir have benefitted in the last two years from what was done on the fifth of August. Where were we lacking that fifth of August was so necessary?”

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When the journalist compared the budget for Uttar Pradesh with that of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar heatedly replied that India should take away the budget if that’s what’s bothering them because Kashmir is far developed.

The journalist further probed saying that “you have been in the government, how much development was done during that time?”

To this Abdullah replied “I’m willing to accept that we all have been incompetent. Please tell me what has changed in the last two years?

“Everything that is being inaugurated from roads to tunnels, powerhouses, hospitals, schools, colleges, and even universities were all given in the previous government.

Jammu and Kashmir are amongst the lowest states in poverty. In terms of human development, we rank higher than your fancy states like Gujrat and Andhra Pradesh.”

He went on to list facts and figures of the achievements made by the previous governments to prove his point.

The video of the interview has been making rounds on social media with the hashtag #OmarSpeaksForJK where people have been lauding Omar’s straightforward replies to Navika.

The incumbent government of Jammu and Kashmir has hit back on Omar’s claim stating that many projects were left failing and the government had to start from scratch. The government is trying its best to benefit the people from the schemes that were left languished by the previous governments, it claimed.

CID denies access to passports

CID wing of India has denied the security clearance required for passports and other government services to all those involved in any kind of pro-freedom activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Speaking on the issue, Omar Abdullah said that an adverse police report cannot be a substitute for being found guilty in a court of law.

He further said “They did the same with scores of others, many of whom had these police reports tossed out by the courts. An executive order cannot replace a court of law. Guilt or innocence must be proven in court & not based of vague unproven police reports.”

Shehzad Jai Hind (@Shehzad_Ind) Tweeted: Omar Abdullah says Jammu Kashmir has one of the lowest poverty ratios in the country – if that is true (and let’s accept it ) – then the stone pelters there are not motivated by lack of jobs or money- it’s purely an Islamist separatist ideology.