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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Violent video of Galwan Valley clash released by China

Chinese state media, CCTV,  claims the video shows how Indian soldiers ‘trespassed into Chinese side’.

China’s state media released a video of the clash between the armies of India and China in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley last year on Friday. India and China had an intense face-off in Galway Valley in June last year.

According to Indian media, China has acknowledged it suffered casualties in the clash. India’s NDTV says China claimed to have lost 4 soldiers in the faceoff and has named them as well. While Indian government believes nearly 30 Chinese soldiers lost their lives in the clash. Whereas, 20 Indian soldiers were killed during an assault.

Chinese state media, CCTV,  claims the video shows how Indian soldiers ‘trespassed into Chinese side’. The state media claims an Indian Army several times the size of the Chinese side’ launched an attack after both sides failed to have a peaceful resolution on the matter.

In its statement, CCTV claims, ‘the foreign military openly violated the consensus reached with us and blatantly crossed the line to provoke [us].”

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The violent video shows both the soldiers crossing the river in chilling cold and meeting on the rocky banks, where some of them are seen pushing each other to go back. It also shows night visuals with the soldiers of both sides standing on the cliff with flashlights, batons, and shields.

Earlier this year, Indian and Chinese troops clashed anew on their contested Himalayan border, resulting in injuries on both sides, officials said Monday, highlighting the fraught state of relations between the giant nuclear-armed neighbors.

The fighting on January 20 came six months after a pitched battle that left at least 20 Indian troops dead as well as an unknown number of Chinese casualties.

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The world’s two most populous nations have since become embroiled in a diplomatic showdown over their geographical and political differences. India’s military played down the latest skirmish as a “minor face-off” at Naku La pass, which connects Sikkim state with Tibet on the Chinese side.