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Saturday, April 13, 2024

India could not answer many questions in ICJ about Kulbhushan Case

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Pakistan and India are poised to present the International Court of Justice with their arguments on the high-profile case of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was arrested from Baluchistan in March 2016. The Indian side gave their arguments on Monday while Pakistan is giving their arguments regarding Kulbhushan Jadhav today, on Tuesday, 19th February.


The ICJ began its four-day session of public hearings on the case in Hague, allowing both India and Pakistan the opportunity to present their arguments.

Dr. Moeed Pirzada, senior anchorperson GNN is in Netherland to follow the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav. Reporting from Hague, Dr. Pirzada spoke about the updates of the case to the anchorperson of GNN TV Ms. Neelum Aslam; while talking about Indian arguments in the ICJ, Dr. Pirzada maintained that India did not satisfy many questions in the ICJ but they only discussed “Counselors Access” for more than one and half hour which they consider Pakistan have denied to Kulbhushan.

The previous governments did not take the case of Kulbhushan more seriously in their tenure, which the government of India is using as proof this time, he said.

“India without giving solid pieces of evidence in the ICJ, considers Kulbhushan an innocent businessman, who was abducted by Pakistani security forces from Iran, and military courts [in Pakistan] have given the death penalty to him,” said Dr. Moeed Pirzada.

Dr. Pirzada said that India do not have any proper evidence about the abduction of Kulbhushan from Iran, they could not give the proof of his fake passport as Mubarak Hussain, they even could not present the proof of the retirement of Kulbhushan from Navy. “The official Gazette of India contains the names of all the retired officers but India could not locate the name of Kulbhushan in that Gazette in ICJ,” said Dr. Pirzada.

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Senator Anwar Ul Haq Kakar, another participant of the discussion said that India has been caught red-handed and Kulbhushan was directly involved in terrorist activities against civilians and he is a real culprit. “It is nonsense to say that he was caught from Iran, considering the huge effort the whole Indian government is doing for him in the ICJ,” said Senator Kakar.

Mr. Kakar maintained that India has started a formal campaign to propagate the arrest of Kulbushan as illegal, by saying that it was abduction from Iran; India insults the sovereignty of Iran on her soil. Dr. Pirzada mentioned that a senior Indian diplomat did not shake his hand with attorney general Anwar Mansoor in the ICJ.

The previous governments did not take the case of Kulbhushan more seriously in their tenure, which the government of India is using as proof this time, he said. “Previously the government of Pakistan was not ready to face the case but this time it seems more prepared to face the case here in the ICJ”, the anchorperson reported.

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Mr. Kakar while talking about Indian reservations on the courts of Pakistan said that if India does not accept the existence of Pakistan then how it will accept the decisions of our courts. “Enough is enough; Indians should start talking sense,” said Senator Kakar.