India: Sarkari Culture Is Delaying Acquisition Of Big Guns At The Border, Crippling The Army

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Rajat Pandit | Nov 07, 2016

The Army’s much-delayed modernization drive continues to be stymied by cumbersome procurement procedures, bureaucratic bottlenecks and corruption allegations at a time when border tensions with Pakistan are at an unprecedented high in recent years. After the scrapping of the long-pending mega tenders for new-generation assault rifles and close-quarter battle carbines due to a mix of unrealistic technical parameters and graft allegations, the Army’s case for urgent induction of the M-777 ultra-light howitzers for the China front received another setback on Saturday. Defence ministry sources said the Pentagon’s “letter of offer and acceptance (LoA)” to sell 145 the M-777s to India for $737 million “expired” on Saturday. “The LoA for the government-to-government deal was valid only until November 5.

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Iraq orders 12 JF-17 fighter jets from Pakistan

Nation-states queue up for Pakistan-made fighter jets. After Myanmar, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Argentina, Iraq is set to buy JF17 block III. After several rounds of negotiations, Iraq's government approved the amount of 664 million USD for the purchase of 12 fighter aircrafts from Pakistan.