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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

India “supervises” terrorists to create unrest in Pakistan

Ambassador Munir Akram, while talking to a private news channel, says that India plays a negative role in Pakistan. It supervises terrorists to create unrest within the country.

Pakistan’s Permanent Representatives to United Nations, Munir Akram on Wednesday said that India and NDS had supervised the terrorists for making unrest in Pakistan.

India was playing a negative role and trying to malign Pakistan, he said while talking to a private television channel. A few members of the UN had expressed reservations over the Indian attitude against Pakistan, he added.

Commenting on Afghan’s situation and the UN’s role after the withdrawal of American troops, he said the world powers and United Nations are keenly observing the abrupt changes in Afghanistan.

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The Americans and UN wanted to see the implementation of the announcement made by the Taliban leaders after taking control over Afghan territory, he said.

The UN, he said was also reviewing the situation in Afghanistan. He added that the UN could review its program for helping Afghans after the normalization of the situation there.

Pakistan exposes Indian terrorism

Last month, FM Qureshi said Pakistan will take up the issue of India’s terror financing at an international level.

Qureshi in a statement said India’s nefarious designs posed a threat to regional security, which needed attention from the international community.

He said Pakistan had earlier submitted a dossier based on clear evidence of the Indian terrorism to the United Nations and would again exploit all-important fora to highlight the issue.

As the world stood united against terrorism, he said, “it must take notice of India’s continuous terror-financing to create unrest in Pakistan as witnessed in the recent Lahore’s Johar Town attack”.

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He pointed out that checking terror financing was one of the goals of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and stressed that the international watchdog needed to focus on India’s illegal activities.

Qureshi said Pakistan was taking all possible steps to prevent terrorism and protect its borders.

Courtesy: APP with additional input by GVS