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Thursday, February 15, 2024

India used Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan: NSA Moeed

NSA Moeed claimed that India used Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan and urged the world not to abandon Afghanistan this time as Pakistan had already faced great losses and brunt of the power vacuum in Afghanistan exploited by its "enemies" for their interests.

India used Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan alleged Pakistan National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf and added that India orchestrated a hoax narrative to discredit Pakistan’s credibility internationally by propagating it to be a terrorist state.

“Pakistan has always supported dialogue and political settlement to end the war in Afghanistan, and was badly affected by war in Afghanistan,” he wrote in an article published in The Independent – the British online newspaper on Saturday.

In this article, he highlight the fact that India used Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan’s writ and stability and fueled anti-state elements to tear apart the social, moral and political fabric of the country.

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India used Afghan soil against Pakistan, world should not abandon Afghanistan

The NSA raised the question of whether the world would repeat the mistake of leaving Afghanistan and the region. “We lost over 80,000 innocent lives and bore the burden of over $150 billion economic losses,” it read.

It is the collective responsibility of the international community to avoid creating a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Moeed said, adding that the Taliban has signaled to work with the international community, where the latter should coordinate its efforts.

He was of the view that the international community should move forward with consensus with the major powers and Afghanistan’s close neighbors.

Indian presence in Afghanistan

By building an extensive intelligence network in spaces provided by NDS and US in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Jalalabad, and Mazar-e-Sharif and supporting insurgent factions in Pakistan, India had used Afghan soil and had kept the Pak-Afghan border on fire for years.


Undeniably, the Indian nexus with the Kabul government had been evident in the past to keep Pakistan constantly engaged at the western border. Furthermore, India has also spent around $3billion on the Afghanistan reconstruction plan and maintains excessive clout over the spillover of militancy from Afghanistan.

The objectives of hybrid warfare by fueling insurgency in Baluchistan and ensuring a haven to the Baloch militants in Afghan soil can only be fulfilled with India’s continued connection with the political elites at Kabul. Moreover, continued Indian influence is also a political card to monitor Chinese clout and the subsequent Belt and Road initiative.

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