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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Indian analyst praises PM Imran Khan vs leadership elsewhere

Indian analyst Ashok Swain praises PM Khan for visiting a hospital in Islamabad and showing concern for Covid patients. According to the analyst, PM Khan showed effective leadership through his visit.

Indian analyst Ashok Swain praises Prime Minister Imran Khan in his latest tweet after the premier’s visit to PIMS Hospital in Islamabad to check on COVID-19 patients.

On Monday night, PM Imran Khan, made a surprise visit to PIMS hospital to check the arrangements made for the COVID-19 patients. He met the doctors and enquired about the availability of beds and oxygen supplies with the hospital. He also met the COVID-19 patients in the ward.


He was seen wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with a mask as he entered the COVID-19 ward to meet the patients and enquired about their health.

Analyst Ashok Swain ostensibly drew a comparison between PM Narendra Modi and PM Imran Khan and how both premiers have been dealing with pandemics in their respective countries.

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Ashok Swain said that, unlike leadership giving speeches and name calling (seemingly referring to what has been happening in India), PM Imran Khan is in the field, showing his presence and leading Pakistan’s fight against COVID-19 from the front.


“Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan visits Covid patients in a hospital, inquiring about their well-being and reviewing their facilities. Leadership is not giving speeches and calling names but being there at difficult times and being empathetic,” wrote Ashok Swain in the tweet.

Scores of Indian social media users agreed with him and directly slammed PM Narendra Modi for not showing up courageously like PM Imran Khan.


They criticized PM Modi for inaction, ineffective presence, and lack of tangible policies to help India out of the COVID-19 emergency. They appreciated the courage and concern of PM Imran Khan for his people during the deadly third wave of COVID-19.

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India has been severely affected by the ongoing wave of pandemic COVID-19 with tragic stories of humanitarian plight being reported each day. The existing medical facilities across the country have been exhausted while the statistics of COVID-19 patients continue to soar with no signs of it mitigating shortly.