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Monday, May 20, 2024

Indian defense ministry unaware of LoC violation

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India’s defense ministry said on Tuesday that it had no information about Pakistani allegations that Indian aircraft violated Pakistani airspace, reported Reuters.

Indian military aircraft earlier crossed the Line of Control frontier in the Muzaffarabad region and “released a payload” after Pakistan Air Forces forced back the jets; there were no casualties or damage.

As per Reuter’s news, when asked about the violation Indian Defence spokesman said, “I have no information”.

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Not just the Indian Defence Ministry is in slumber, the Indian media is too yet not sure which “Balakot” in Pakistan they are referring to. No Indian government or military statement has been made yet either. Analysts in Pakistan believe that they [Indians] are trying to face save by saying that they targeted the Balakot City of Pakistan when in reality the Indian aircraft by Pakistan Air Force were made to return from a small town named Balakot adjacent to Line of Control.

The Indian journalists claim that they IAC dropped 1000 kg bombs in cities of Pakistan; a claim that is not backed by any evidence or proofs.

Whereas, DG ISPR in his statement earlier in the morning released the pictures of “so-called” bombs the Indian jets had dropped.