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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Indian extremists continue to fantasize: “No More Pakistan”

RSS, the Hindu-fascist extremist group and the parent organization of the BJP, funded a conference attended by high ranking Indian officials which was based on discussing the concept of "No More Pakistan" in the near future.

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Indian Hindu-extremist group, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, more prominently known as RSS, continues to spread propaganda and incite Indian hate against Pakistan based on absurd and empty claims.

The Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) organized a discussion on national security with the theme ‘No More Pakistan’ on June 29. RSS supporters holding important government positions participated in the discussion. The discussion was presided over by Dr VP Nedunchezhiyan, Associate Professor, Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, Guru Nanak College, Chennai.

An Indian General, L. Nishikant Singh, was the keynote speaker who addressed self-invented “intricacies of civil disturbances” in various regions of Pakistan and made claims of there being a “people’s movement for freedom there.”

The organizer, Shri Golok Behari Rai, talked of reasons why “there will be No More Pakistan in near future”. He claimed “an emergence of ‘Indian Confederation’” would be a guarantee of regional peace and development. Rai went on to make even bolder fiction, alleging that the people of Balochistan, KPK, Sindh, and the Mohajirs have been fighting the government and striving for independence since 1948.

Dr  Nedunchezhiyan, another speaker, accused Pakistan and China of financing Indian, Hindu extremist groups. He went on to elaborate that Pakistan “brainwashed” Indian locals to fight the Indian government and elite.

The conference speakers continued to make allegations and claims regarding ‘internal conflicts and failures’ of Pakistan, while the Hindu terror group RSS’s mouthpiece, ‘The Organiser’, covered the meeting.

The RSS is a known Hindu-fascist paramilitary volunteer organization, responsible for both committing and inciting brutality, hate and violence against Muslim and Christian minorities in India. This “men only” extremist group is also known as the “parent organization” of India’s ruling party, Modi’s BJP. Vernekar, an Indian Special Duty official, speculated on the effect the BJP will have, with their extremist ideologies and agendas, on the entire government system since it now rules the core of the Congress.

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This is just an addition to the long list of false allegations India has made to justify its breaches of Pakistan security. It follows the Indian breach of Pakistan airspace which resulted in Pakistan Air Force downing both Indian planes and capturing the Indian pilot, Abhinandan. This incident was later understood to be a part of an elaborate scheme of the BJP to gain support for poster-boy Modi before the general elections.

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