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Monday, July 15, 2024

Indian guru Asaram sentenced to life imprisonment in second rape case

Indian spiritual guru Asaram has been given a life sentence in a second rape case, following his conviction in a separate case in 2018, for which he was also given a life sentence.

Indian guru Asaram has been convicted of rape and sentenced to life imprisonment in a second rape case. The 80-year-old self-styled guru, whose followers once numbered in the millions, was found guilty of raping a teenage girl in 2013. He was also convicted of rape in a separate case in 2018 and was sentenced to life imprisonment for that crime.

The Rape Case

According to the victim’s statement, Asaram, who was believed to have healing powers, called her to his ashram in Jodhpur, where he raped her. She was only 16 years old at the time. Asaram had denied the charges, and his lawyers had argued that the girl was “mentally unstable.”

The conviction in the second rape case is a significant victory for the victim and for those who have been advocating for justice. The case has been closely watched in India, where sexual assault and violence against women is a pervasive problem.

Asaram’s Controversial Career

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Asaram, who had a massive following in India, has been the subject of controversy for many years. He has been accused of sexual assault, murder, and other crimes, but had always denied the charges against him. His supporters have frequently rallied around him, claiming that he was being unfairly targeted by the government and the media.

However, the convictions in both rape cases have led to a shift in public opinion. Many of his followers have abandoned him, and his organization has been disbanded by the government.

Justice Served?

The conviction and sentencing of Asaram have been hailed as a victory for justice by those who have been advocating for the victims of sexual assault in India. However, there are concerns that there are still many more cases of sexual assault and violence against women that are not being properly investigated or prosecuted.

India has been grappling with a rising tide of sexual violence in recent years, with a series of high-profile cases sparking public outrage and calls for reform. While the sentencing of Asaram is a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go in addressing this pervasive problem.