Indian man walks 200km to SC to protest why he was asked to go Pakistan

Kumar was blamed to have converted to Islam and from now on was known as ‘Samad’.

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Covering the distance from Saharanpur in UP to the Supreme Court in Delhi, Praveen Kumar is walking on foot covering a distance of 200km to reach the apex court in order to prove his nationality after being falsely accused of being converted to Islam.

Report by Times of India shared that Praveen Kumar was given a clean chit by an Anti-Terrorist Squad that took him up for questioning last month. As a result the People in his village had started a social boycott against him sending him constant threats at his home.

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He told Times of Indian that he wanted his nation to know what he was going through, as one day he woke up to find “Terrorist” “Go to Pakistan” the message further gave him a warning.

The ATS showed up at Kumars house in search for a Muslim guy named ‘Abdul Samad’ after a leak list of alleged coverts, as they had a certificate with Kumars picture and information regarding him on it.

It stated that Kumar had converted to Islam and from now on was known as ‘Samad’.

In Protest to this, the cane officer at a Sugar mill, Kumar embarked on his journey to “reclaim his honour” with a backpack which carries essentials. The 32 year old hopes to complete his ‘protest March” in 11 days.

It is worthy to mention that the self proclaimed “Hindu nationalist” has written books on PM Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

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The case being pursued is against the chairperson of Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC) Mufti Kazi Jahangir Qasmi and Mohammed Umar Gautam.


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